Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Practitioner Course in 2024

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a dynamic, psychology-based personal growth discipline that provides profound insights into the relationship between emotions, habits, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of the human mind.

A cognitive psychologist studies how we perceive and interpret information from our environment and combine it with prior experiences to make decisions. This course offers insight into cognition’s central role in our daily lives.

This CBT Practitioner Training offers a comprehensive learning experience rooted in cognitive psychology, helping you understand how the mind works, increase self-awareness, build inner resilience, and enhance mental well-being.

Course Requirements – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • No Prior CBT Training Needed: Anyone can join without previous CBT knowledge.
  • Note-Taking Encouraged: For self-reflection purposes.
  • Internet Access: Necessary to access the training from anywhere.
  • MP3 Version Available: For learning on the go.
  • Device Compatibility: Accessible on tablets, smartphones, or desktops.
  • Additional Materials: PDF resources to enhance learning.

Key Topics Covered

  • Cognitive Psychology: Analysis, evaluation, and comparison of major ideas.
  • Personal Characteristics and Differences: Examination and understanding.
  • Application to Everyday Life: Practical uses of cognitive psychology.
  • Perception vs. Reality: Understanding the difference.
  • Self-Awareness: Key to personal development and social effectiveness.
  • Mind Adaptability: Interpreting life experiences differently.
  • Goal Setting: Methods promoting positive thinking and purposeful behavior.
  • Mind Management: Practical frameworks for effective emotional regulation.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Simple and effective ways to share learnings.

Course Structure

The course consists of over 32 hours of formal instruction and practical discussion. Each section includes both theoretical knowledge and practical life skills to cultivate self-awareness through self-reflection.

1. Instructor Credentials

The instructor has over a decade of experience in teaching CBT and modern applied psychology, providing you with all the knowledge needed to integrate CBT teachings into your life.

2. Learning Flexibility

The course is presented in bite-sized modules for easy understanding and application. You have the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime, on any device.

3. Course Endorsement

Endorsed by the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, this course ensures a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

4. Student Testimonials

“An excellent course if you want to practice cognitive psychology – the additional resources are also extremely valuable and I cannot recommend this course enough.” – Fraser Hemsworth

5. Money-Back Guarantee

This training is part of a larger curriculum of professional development resources, designed by Kain Ramsay Ltd, and hosted within the Achology community peer-learning environment. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

6. Target Audience

  • Parents, Managers, Leaders: People in roles of social or occupational influence.
  • Individuals Seeking Personal Growth: Those inspired by self-awareness.
  • Experienced CBT Practitioners or Psychologists: Looking to broaden their perspectives.
  • Students of General Psychology: Finding this course particularly interesting.
  • Independent or Tandem Learners: Those who wish to take this course alone or with other Achology training.
  • Culturally Diverse Individuals: Benefiting from the insights offered in this course.

7. Key Takeaways

  • Analysis and evaluation of cognitive psychology ideas.
  • Examination of personal characteristics and differences.
  • Application of cognitive psychology to everyday challenges.
  • Understanding the difference between perception and reality.
  • The role of self-awareness in personal development.
  • Adaptability and interpretation of life experiences.
  • Goal setting for positive and purposeful behavior.
  • Practical mind management and emotional regulation frameworks.
  • Techniques for sharing knowledge with others.

Enroll in this on-demand CBT Practitioner Training to gain a clear understanding of cognitive psychology and its applications in daily life.

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