How to Use cPanel For WordPress Free Video Course 2024

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How to Use cPanel: Whenever we do website development. So we need to understand about cPanel.

How to Use cPanel For WordPress Free Video Course

How to Use cPanel

Due to this, today I have brought a post about the panel. If you do not know about cPanel. You have come to the perfect post. Here you will get the complete post and video course with the same. Job Interview Training

So first, let me tell you about this course. Through this course, you will get complete information about web development. So far, more than 17000 students have learned this course. How to Use cPanel

Within this, you will also get a video tutorial of 1 hour and 30 minutes. So let’s know. What is given in the description of this course?

How to Use cPanel

Through this course, you will be able to understand cPanel using step by step. Information of all is given in a simple way. This course is the best to get complete information in a short time. For this course, you must have web hosting. How to Use cPanel

Through that, you will be able to read about the cPanel and understand the section and the Particular Point. There are many topics to be taught in this course, such as.

In this course, you will be taught

  • Use it
  • Create a professional email account inside the C panel
  • Manage WordPress file
  • To add domina
  • Make a subdomain
  • Secure website through cPanel
  • Create a database
  • Create backup file
  • How to Use cPanel
  • What happens in a navigational cPanel?

You will get all this information in this course and complete it is a course designed for starters. After learning this, you will learn to manage your cPanel.

What is this course for

  • Who wants to know about cPanel?
  • Who does not have knowledge of it l inside web designing
  • Which is designed for the cPanel starter
  • Basic knowledge of cPanels not known

Regarding the course requirement

  • You must already have web hosting with it

What else will you learn with this course

  • Install WordPress
  • Create a professional email account within hosting
  • Set up a new domain name
  • Manage WordPress website in Cpanel

Course Content Information

  • The introduction of cPanel will be indicated
  • Cpanel to login and start
  • To install WordPress
  • Create an email account
  • Add domain name
  • How to manage website file
  • See digital information
  • Where to manage code
  • Where to manage file
  • How to create a database
  • Where are the database options

The interface of cPanel is very easy. Which we can understand easily. It is used only to create a website. Because that is data.

His server is kept everywhere in the world. But to manage that data center we are given cPanel. Therefore, we should keep information about cPanel. With its help, we do as much as we do on the Internet. We can see his data only through cPanel.

Finally, you must have liked this post. If you have not yet taken complete information about it from anywhere, then you can take complete information through this course.

You will be told about the basics of it. I have told you all the things in the content. Now you can learn the whole thing by watching the video.

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