How to Create WordPress Website With Complete Information 2022

How to Create WordPress Website With Complete Information 2021

How to create a WordPress Website. This will be told today in this post. we all know. What is the website of? Due to this, I am going to write this post.

I would like That person who does not know how to build a website. Let me teach them to create a WordPress Website through this post. Whatever I will tell you guys in this post.

All of that will be step by step. So before that according to the topic of this post, what you are going to learn. What is inside it I am telling him through the list?

  • What is a web page? With example.
  • How to create a web page?
  • How long does it take to create a web page?
  • What is required to create a web page?
  • What should be the purpose of creating a web page?
  • How much time is required to learn about a webpage?
  • Whether or not coding is required to create a web page.
  • What is the shortcut way to create a web page?

1.What is a web page? With example.

A page is called a website. If we have to create a webpage. So we have two ways for this. In which we will not have to invest money in one. But in the second one, we have to apply a little bit. But in this post, I will not ask you to create a web page and website for free.

You can make it if you want. But in this post, I will just show you how to invest money and create a website. Because in this way you can run your website and web page under your control. Now let me give you some exams of this.

Webpage – The webpage is called the combination of all the pages that are on the website.


Web Page Collection Examples

2.How long does it take to create a web page?

It does not take much time to build a website. If we are learning. So at that time, it may take more time. But if we learned what to do to build a website.

So we do not take much time, we can complete our entire website within a week, but if you are an expert in making a website. So you can complete a website even in 2 to 3 hours.

3.What is required to create a web page or Website?

There is not much requirement to create a website on the basis of this post. Which is the requirement. Let me write that down.

  • We must have a laptop.
  • The laptop must have an internet connection.
  • Better if you have a smartphone.
  • Must have an online payment instrument to purchase hosting and domain.

You must have all the above requirements. After that, you get ready to make a website. And try to understand the steps ahead.

4.Whether or not coding is required to create a web page.

There are 2 ways to create a website. Either you should know to code. If you do not know to code. Even then you can make a website. Because a lot of such software has come to make a website.

With whose help it is very easy to create a website. Among them is the world’s number one and popular WordPress. Which is called software to create an open-source website.

Everything we learned above was just a concept. But now what I am going to tell you. This is a process.

There will be steps from 5 to 10 inside. And our website will be created. It will cost as much as it takes. All of that will be in front of you. You will also get to know about this. How much does it cost to build a website?

Step-1 How to Create WordPress Website

We have to do two things inside step one. Inside this, we have to buy a domain. And have to buy a hosting.

But which of these two hostings to buy. It depends on you. But I will definitely tell you this.

How to buy domain and hosting. And while selecting that, we have to pay more attention to what.

Domain & Hosting

We have to buy domain and hosting. We can buy it for GoDaddy or NameCheap. The process of buying it is not so difficult. So the link I am giving you. From there you can buy hosting and domains.

Keep these things in mind when buying Domain

  • Domine should be purchased at any time of high quality.
  • High quality domain
  • .Com
  • .Org
  • .Net
  • .in
  • .Online
  • Domains should always be kept small and should not be bought big.
  • The domain name should be full filling which people can remember quickly.
  • The domain must be less than 10 alphabets.

Domain Name for Example

  • For Blogging
  • post-ing-bus. com-For News
  • For Health
  • For Food
  • Knowledge

For some of the above-mentioned domain domains, you have to buy similar domains. I am not giving this exam for that.

I am just telling you to explain. As far as you are Buy an alphabet domain below 10 and remember a dominee that has some meaning.


There is no need to explain much about hosting. Still the hosting here you will buy. So first you have to understand this.

How many domains do you want to work with? If you have already about the website. Is well understood. What we have to do So you can buy more than one domain.

But if you want to buy a single demine and run it. So you should buy just one domino hosting. Until you make your website perfect. Till then you only buy one Domini hosting.

Keep these things in mind before purchasing hosting

  • You have to buy web hosting only.
  • Within this, you buy only one Domini hosting.
  • Where to find the lowest price of a Domini hosting. Let’s find out.

Best Hosting Price GoDaddy Vs Namecheap Vs Prabhu Host

GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy hosting basic one domain

One Year Price:$ 16.30

Name Cheap Shared Hosting

Name Cheap Share Hosting Best Price

One Year Price: $18.96

Prabhu hosts Cheap hosting

Prabhu host Cheap hosting single Domain

One Year Price:$ 8.56

I have given above the screenshots of the three web hosting company’s website to buy hosting at the most basic price.

You can buy hosting from those which you like best. But after 1 year, you have to buy good hosting web hosting.

You have to upgrade, till then you set up your domain and website through this web hosting.

Step-2 How to Create WordPress Website

Above you purchased hosting and domain in step one. Now, these two have to wait for 24 hours to set up. After that, you have to go to hosting and set up your domain.

After purchasing the hosting, your Gmail account gets the ID and password of the cPanel. Through which you can access cPanel.

Here you have to set up your website. Meaning that the domain you have purchased has to be connected to the hosting.

If you purchased hosting and domain from the same company. So you don’t need to change nameservers.

If you purchased the domain from elsewhere and hosting elsewhere. So in your hosting provider that you have received the Cpanel.

Your unique IP address is there. You must enter that unique IP address in the DNS server of your domain. Only then your domain will connect to your hosting.

I hope You must have understood all that you have had. In the last, I have also given you a link to a WordPress website development video tutorial.

Download that tutorial. And watch the video on setting up WordPress from there. And enjoy this course fully and share it with your friends only.

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