Git and GitHub free course in 2024

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Git and GitHub free course Learn the fundamentals of Git and GitHub with clear, step-by-step instructions from an experienced instructor.

Git and GitHub free course

Git and GitHub free

This course is intended to get right into showing how Git and GitHub work together, with a focus on the basic Git workflow. Students can expect to learn the bare minimum required to get started with Git in about 30 minutes.

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Recent Changes:

Updates and Errata Section Course Outline added on October 16th

The Course Introduction and Overview section introduces this course and the key concepts associated with the Git source control system. Git and GitHub

Installation includes step-by-step instructions for installing Git on Windows and Mac OS X, as well as how to use Git’s help command.

Following the Installation section, we walk through the entire Git basic workflow, beginning in GitHub, working locally, and then moving on to the command line.

and then commit our changes to GitHub.

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Finally, some closing remarks and bonus content!

Course Highlights

Audio/video training of conceptual ideas is provided by presentations. Because few people enjoy slide-ware presentations, they are kept to a minimum.

Screencasts are videos of the instructor’s computer system that include any actions, commands, or screens that are displayed and narrated.

Each lecture or group of related lectures in the course’s demo sections is followed by Command Listing lectures, which serve as a reference and reminder of the commands used in the previous lecture (s). Git and GitHub Each Command Listing contains the exact listings used in previous lectures, as well as a reference guide for newly introduced commands. The Command Listing lectures contain all of the commands used in this course.

Several attachments are scattered throughout.

Provide supplemental information, illustrations, or other reference material throughout the course.

What you’ll discover

  • Using Git, save project changes into source control.
  • Make a new GitHub repository.
  • Copy a GitHub repository to a local computer for use with a project.
  • Install and set up Git on Windows and Mac computers.

Are there any course prerequisites or requirements?

  • Basic computer abilities
  • Ability to install software that may necessitate administrative privileges
  • Who should take this course: Anyone interested in Git and/or source control.
  • Software Engineers and Developers who have not yet adopted Git as a source control system
  • IT managers who need to understand how Git works

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