Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis in 2024

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Business Data Analysis Progress beyond basic reporting and delve into the realm of data analysis.

Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis

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Business Data Analysis

  1. Experience clear and concise step-by-step lessons presented by a best-selling Udemy instructor in full HD 1080p.
  2. Master the art of transforming data into insights and intelligence using powerful analysis methods, techniques, and tools.
  3. Acquire skills in data analysis through easy-to-master drag-and-drop techniques, eliminating the need for confusing formulas, macros, or VBA.
  4. Learn 8 different techniques for data analysis applicable in Excel (2010 – Office 365).
  5. Enjoy lifetime access to course materials and practice activities provided by a best-selling Udemy instructor.
  6. Develop the ability to pose the right questions to your data using techniques such as comparison, trend analysis, ranking, variance analysis, pareto analysis, and more.
  7. Learn best practices for effective data analysis and presentation.
  8. Gain insights into the best practices for designing and setting up interactive dashboards.


  1. Familiarity with working with data in Excel
  2. Excel (2010 – Office 365)
  3. Some examples may require Excel Power Pivot and Power View, available exclusively on Windows
  4. Excel on Mac might not have access to all techniques


If you’re seeking uncomplicated yet potent techniques for crafting impactful Excel Dashboards and conducting Data Analysis, this course is a perfect fit. Updated with full high-definition video, it imparts practical skills that can be applied immediately in your professional setting. Explore recent comments and reviews to witness the positive responses!


  • “Great presentation! Offers practical solutions for everyday business analysis challenges.”
  • “Left with valuable practical knowledge. Excited to apply this newfound knowledge at work. Ian’s courses never disappoint.”
  • “One of the best Udemy courses I’ve taken!!! Easy to understand, not lengthy, and focuses on workplace relevance. Will definitely recommend to my team.”
  • “Really enjoyed the course, with many easily explained practical tips. Thanks!”

ABOUT THE TRAINER: Guided by Ian Littlejohn, an international trainer, consultant, and data analyst with over 320,000 enrollments & 250,000 students on Udemy. Ian specializes in teaching data analysis techniques, Excel Pivot Tables, Power Pivot, Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio & Amazon Quicksight. His courses consistently receive over 4.5 stars out of 5.


  • Lifetime access to course materials and practice activities

ABOUT THE COURSE: “The Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis” imparts the finest techniques and tools for transforming data into meaningful analysis using Excel.


  1. Key Metrics
  2. Comparison Analysis
  3. Trend Analysis
  4. Ranking Analysis
  5. Interactive Dashboards
  6. Contribution Analysis
  7. Variance Analysis
  8. Pareto Analysis
  9. Frequency Analysis
  10. Correlations

This course caters to all business professionals aiming to elevate their ability to convert data into valuable information. If you’re an Excel user, the easy-to-master techniques provided in this course will prove invaluable.

COMPATIBILITY: Presented using Excel in Office 365, the course is also suitable for:

  • Excel 2013
  • Excel 2016
  • Excel 2019

Note: The course eschews complicated formulas, VBA, or macros, opting for drag-and-drop techniques for the majority of data analysis procedures.


  • All business professionals keen on converting data into valuable information
  • Excel users looking to enhance their reporting and analysis skills
  • Students eager to learn powerful methods of data analysis

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