Artificial Intelligence A-Z Complete Course 2024

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Artificial Intelligence This comprehensive course is designed to introduce you to key AI concepts using intuitive lectures and hands-on Python programming. Throughout the course, you’ll build seven different AI models, each targeting a unique application.

Artificial Intelligence A-Z Complete Course 2024

Artificial IntelligenceModels Overview:

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Q-Learning Model for Process Optimization:

Train an AI to optimize warehouse flows in a case study on process optimization. By implementing Q-Learning, you’ll understand how reinforcement learning algorithms can be applied to real-world problems, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Deep Q-Learning Model for Lunar Landing:

Develop an AI using Deep Q-Learning to successfully land on the moon. This project will provide insights into the power of deep learning in mastering complex tasks, such as navigating extraterrestrial environments.

Deep Convolutional Q-Learning Model for Pac-Man:

Build an AI to play the classic game of Pac-Man using Deep Convolutional Q-Learning. Dive into the realm of computer vision and reinforcement learning as you train an AI to outmaneuver ghosts and achieve high scores.

A3C Model for Kung Fu Fighting:

Construct an AI with Asynchronous Advantage Actor-Critic (A3C) to master Kung Fu. Explore the intricacies of actor-critic methods and asynchronous training, empowering your AI to excel in dynamic combat scenarios.

Additional AI Models:

In addition to the core AI models, upon completing the course, you’ll gain access to three extra AI models:

PPO Model for Self-Driving Cars:

Train an AI using Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO) for autonomous driving. Experience firsthand how policy gradient methods can enable vehicles to navigate complex road environments safely.

SAC Model for Enhanced Self-Driving Cars:

Implement a Soft Actor-Critic (SAC) model for further advancement in self-driving technology. Delve into advanced reinforcement learning techniques to enhance the adaptability and robustness of autonomous vehicles.

Fine-Tuning LLM for Medical Chatbot:

Utilize pre-trained Llama 2 model by Meta with Hugging Face to develop an AI doctor chatbot specializing in medical terms. Harness the power of transfer learning to create a conversational AI capable of providing medical assistance and information.

Course Benefits:

Upon completing the course, you’ll unlock a wealth of benefits:

Complete Beginner to Expert AI Skills:

Learn to code self-improving AI from scratch, with code templates provided for each AI model.

Hassle-Free Coding with Google Colab:

All AIs are built in Google Colab, eliminating the need for library installations. Python code templates are downloadable for easy customization.

Intuition Tutorials:

Gain a deep understanding of AI concepts through intuitive explanations, focusing on building your intuition rather than overwhelming you with complex mathematics.

Real-World Solutions:

Master not just one, but five different AI models, each with varying structures and difficulties, preparing you to tackle real-life AI challenges.

In-Course Support:

Access a team of professional Data Scientists for assistance within 48 hours, ensuring a supportive learning environment.

Who this course is for:

This course is ideal for anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Deep Learning, regardless of their background or experience level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer, this course will equip you with the skills to excel in the fascinating world of AI.

Join us on this journey of discovery, never cease learning, and immerse yourself in the endless possibilities of AI!

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