5 Tools to Maximize Leasing Properties Video Course in 2024

5 Tools to Maximize Leasing Properties: Mini-course on Successfully Leasing Business Real Property This is a mini-course taken from my Complete Course on Successfully Leasing Industrial Real Property.

5 Tools to Maximize Leasing Properties Video Course in 2022

What if I informed you that I can do estimation work to understand the real estate assets of the leasing business? Leasing has been considered an unknown and mysterious subject even among seasoned real estate professionals. Well, I’m here to make everything different!

Maximize Leasing Properties

This course is all about leasing out varieties of real property assets of a business from start to finish. From the views of the agent, tenant, and landlord, this course provides a sensible assessment of the essential points related to leasing the real property of a business.

How to Raise Capital and Invest Real Estate

Best Cities for Real Estate Investing

The 5 Tools Include:

ABCs of Industrial Real Property – Overview of Industrial Property Types

Establishing Your Market Technique – Secrets and Techniques for Discovering Properties

Supply and Submission – Courses and Letter of Intent (LOI)

Negotiating the Lease – Instruments to Be Profitable

Receiving Payment – Residential Vs Industrial Commission

Don’t wait until after the lease is signed.

Come be a part of me now and enroll!

And keep in mind, this is an introductory course. Please remember to successfully lease industrial real property for additional detailed expertise.

What is Money? Features, Imortance & Types

What is a Business? Features, Types & Impotance

Who is this course for:

  • Anyone who wants to start a venture
  • real property professional
  • Residential Brokers looking to get into business
  • tenants
  • start-up

What will you learn

  • Understand the many types of commercial buildings
  • Search properties efficiently
  • be taught how to submit a proposal
  • Tips and Ways to Negotiate Deal Phrases
  • Earn cash leasing property

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