The Complete Android Oreo Developer 87% Free Course in 2024

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Android Oreo Developer Embark on a comprehensive journey into Android app development with the …

The Complete Android Oreo Developer Cours

Complete Android Oreo Developer Course

“Complete Android Oreo Developer Course.” This course is designed to equip you with the skills needed to build robust and feature-rich Android applications using the Oreo version of the Android operating system.

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Introduction to Android Development

1. Overview of Android Oreo

Understand the key features and improvements introduced in Android Oreo, the eighth major version of the Android operating system.

2. Setting Up Development Environment

Learn how to set up the Android development environment, including installing Android Studio, configuring the SDK, and creating your first Android project.

Android Basics for Beginners : Android Oreo Developer

3. UI Design and Layouts

Explore the fundamentals of designing user interfaces in Android, including layouts, views, and resource management.

4. Activities and Intents

Understand the concept of activities and intents, essential components for building interactive Android applications.

5. User Input and Controls

Learn how to handle user input and incorporate various UI controls such as buttons, text fields, and checkboxes into your Android app.

Intermediate Android Concepts

6. Fragments and Navigation

Dive into fragments, a key feature for creating flexible and responsive user interfaces, and explore navigation patterns in Android.

7. Data Storage

Understand different methods of data storage on Android, including SQLite databases, SharedPreferences, and file handling.

8. Networking and Web Services

Explore networking in Android, covering topics such as making HTTP requests, parsing JSON data, and integrating web services into your app.

Advanced Android Topics

9. Background Processing and Services

Learn how to perform background processing in Android using services, managing threads, and optimizing performance.

10. Notifications

Master the creation and customization of notifications to keep users informed and engaged with your Android application.

11. Location-Based Services

Explore location-based services in Android, including accessing device location, using maps, and incorporating location-aware features.

Real-World App Development

12. Building a Complete App

Apply your knowledge to build a comprehensive Android app, integrating various concepts learned throughout the course.

13. Testing and Debugging

Discover effective testing and debugging techniques to ensure the reliability and stability of your Android applications.

14. App Deployment

Learn how to package and deploy your Android app, covering topics such as signing, releasing, and publishing on the Google Play Store.


Summarize the key takeaways from the course, congratulate on completing the Android Oreo Developer Course, and provide guidance on further exploration and staying updated with the evolving Android development ecosystem.

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