Options Trading Basics Complete Course in 2024

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Options Trading Dive into the world of options trading with our comprehensive bundle! Learn the fundamentals with ‘Intro to Call and Put Options,’ where we break down the basics.

Options Trading Basics Complete Course

Explore the intricacies of time decay, implied volatility, and Greeks in the second module, gaining a deeper understanding of market dynamics. Then, witness theory in action with ‘Call and Puts Live Trades,’ where we analyze and execute real-time trades.

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Options Trading

Master the art of options trading step by step and enhance your financial expertise. Grab this bundle to elevate your trading skills today

ICall OptionsReal-world examples to explain how a Call Option works.
IIPut OptionsUnderstanding how Put Options work and their role as a portfolio protector.
IIIStock and Options Combo StrategiesThree strategies for combining Options into stock portfolio strategies.
IVTime DecayDetailed study of time decay as a crucial component in Options strategies.
VImplied VolatilityExploration of Implied Volatility and its impact on option prices.
VIOption GreeksUnderstanding Delta, Gamma, Theta, and Vega – crucial to every Options position.
VIIOptions Market StructureExplanation of terms, processes, and considerations in the Options market.
VIIIBuying a Call Option (Chipotle Mexican Grill)Analysis of a real trade involving buying a Call Option using Chipotle Mexican Grill as an example.
IXBuying a Put Option (FXE Euro ETF)Analysis of buying a Put Option using FXE Euro ETF as an example, serving both bearish moves and portfolio protection.
XStrategy and OptimizationBringing together four Options strategies, considering factors before choosing a strategy.
XIISingle Option AdjustmentsThe need for adjustments in basic strategies (Long Call, Short Call, Long Put, Short Put) and their critical role.
CoursesIntroduction to Options (Course I)Detailed step-by-step explanation of Options, Call Options, and Put Options with practical application (Apple Options).
Options Foundation (Course II)Covers Time Decay, Implied Volatility, and Options Greeks for a theoretical understanding of Options.
Options Strategies for Beginners (Course III)Involves live trades and management to exit points for buying Call and Put Options.
Learning Objectives
Master the basic nuts and bolts of Options trading
Understand the theory and mathematics behind Options
Explore factors affecting Options pricing
Differentiate between Options and Stocks
Learn how to use Options alongside Stock investments
Create superior Combo strategies with Options
Target Audience
Anyone interested in learning about Options trading
Practical Application
Live trades using Thinkorswim platform
Art of adjusting Single Options strategies
Some knowledge and experience with stock markets
Familiarity with trading or investing
Target Audience
Anyone interested in learning about Options trading
Suitable for beginners
Ideal for those seeking a comprehensive bundle deal
Covers all the basics of Options trading

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