How to Create Online Video Course in 2023

How to Create Online Video Course: This is a free course to assist you with setting aside time and cash while making your internet-based courses. Gain from my mix-ups.

How to Create Online Video Course

Making a web-based course is simpler than you naturally suspect; in this course, I will submissively show you how to function more efficiently by examining 40 hints/best practices I have taken in the most difficult way possible showing on the web throughout recent months.

Subjects we will cover include:

  • Innovation to use to make your web-based courses
  • What would it be a good idea for you to instruct?
  • Design of your courses
  • Conveyance (how you present/instruct)
  • Advancing your course
  • Client/understudy correspondences (the client is correct 100% of the time)
  • Lawful issues (safeguard your licensed innovation)
  • What to do on the off chance that your course isn’t selling
  • The most straightforward way ever to compose a book adaptation of your course!
  • What’s more, significantly moreā€¦

Kindly gain from my many mix-ups educating on the web, so I can set aside your time and cash. In this course are 40 mix-ups made and I need you to gain from my numerous disappointments so you can make your course ready rapidly. Making an internet-based course is such a great deal more straightforward than you suspect as you as of now have everything single thing that you really want to assemble something far greater than yourself. : )

What you’ll realize

  • Get answers for 40 normal web-based showing issues, remembering guidance for:
  • Video Quality Time Savers
  • Audio Quality Time Savers
  • Computer and Editing Software
  • Storage and Backups
  • Preparing to Record Your First Course
  • Re-recording Beats Over-altering
  • What My Video Recording Studio Looks Like
  • Everyone Has A Skill They Love and Can Teach
  • Teaching from Your Heart First
  • How to Know What Course to Teach Next
  • Adding Structure to Your Courses
  • Adding (Even More) Exercises
  • Slide Structure (Less is More)
  • Quality Control
  • Course Image, Name, and Trailer
  • Delivery (How You Present)
  • Optimal Voice Strategy
  • Edutainment Works
  • Authenticity
  • Best Udemy Instructor to Use as a Role Model for Production Quality and Delivery
  • Best Udemy Instructor to Use as a Role Model for Creative Genius/Content Delivery
  • Promoting Your Course
  • Monthly Promotion Timing
  • Being Consistent with Your Promotions
  • Advertising Your Courses
  • Customer/Student Communications (The Customer is ALWAYS Right)
  • Dealing with Negative Customer Reviews
  • Automatic (Welcome and Thank You) Messages
  • Answering Questions from Students
  • Legal Issues: Piracy and Monitoring News Stories on Your Courses
  • Copyrighting Your Course (Meaning the Content Can’t be Copiedā€¦ Not the Name)
  • Trademarking Your Course Name (Meaning Protecting the Name and Not the Content)
  • Teaching on Non-Udemy Platforms: Udemy is Google and Everyone Else is Bing
  • What to Do on the off chance that Your Course Isn’t Selling
  • Am I Breaking the Rules?
  • Should I Quit My Job and Teach Full Time?
  • Time to Market
  • The Easiest Way Ever to Write a Book Version of Your Courses!!!!
  • It Takes Timeā€¦ Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
  • Foreign Translation of Courses and Closed Captions
  • Are there any course necessities or requirements?
  • Nothing. This free course is for anybody that needs to instruct on the web.

Who this course is for:

Anybody that needs to educate on the web. You don’t need to be an educator; we all have something like one ability that we can instruct that can improve the existence of many.

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