How to Create Online Video Course: 40 Tips on Making a Course With Video Tutorial For Free

How to Create Online Video Course: 40 Tips on Making a Course With Video Tutorial For Free

H ow to Create Online Video Course: 40 Tips on Making a Course With Video Tutorial For FreeFree Course: 40 Lessons I wish I knew when I began instructing on the web.

  • 47,281 understudies
  • 1hr 15min of on-request video

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Course Description

This is a free course to help you set aside time and cash while making your online courses. Gain from my errors.

Making an online course is simpler than you might suspect; in this course, I will submissively show you how to function more

efficiently by examining 40 hints/best practices I have taken in the most difficult way possible showing on the web in the course of recent months.

Subjects we will cover include:

  • Innovation to use to make your online courses
  • What would it be a good idea for you to educate?
  • Design of your courses
  • Conveyance (how you present/instruct)
  • Advancing your course
  • Client/understudy correspondences (the client is in every case right)
  • Lawful issues (ensure your protected innovation)
  • What to do if your course isn’t selling
  • The least demanding route at any point to compose a book form of your course!

Also, substantially more…

I will make a yearly free course like this one each November that talks about answers for issues I experienced during my time of making courses so you will not have the very issues that I have had (and hence you can work more brilliant and not harder).

Much obliged!


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Who this course is for:

  • Anybody that needs to instruct on the web. You don’t need to be an instructor; we all have at any rate one ability that we can train that can improve the existences of many.

Course Requriment:

  • Nothing. This free course is for anybody that needs to educate on the web.

What you will realize:

Comprehend answers for 40 regular internet showing issues, remembering guidance for:

  • 1: Video Quality Time Savers
  • 2: Audio Quality Time Savers
  • 3: Computer and Editing Software
  • 4: Storage and Backups
  • 5: Preparing to Record Your First Course
  • 6: Re-recording Beats Over-altering
  • 7: What My Video Recording Studio Looks Like
  • 8: Everyone Has A Skill They Love and Can Teach
  • 9: Teaching from Your Heart First
  • 10 How to Know What Course to Teach Next
  • 11: Adding Structure to Your Courses
  • 12: Adding (Even More) Exercises
  • 13: Slide Structure (Less is More)
  • 14: Quality Control
  • 15: Course Image, Name and Trailer
  • 16: Delivery (How You Present)
  • 17: Optimal Voice Strategy
  • 18: Edutainment Works
  • 19: Authenticity
  • 20: Best Udemy Instructor to Use as a Role Model for Production Quality and Delivery
  • 21: Best Udemy Instructor to Use as a Role Model for Creative Genius/Content Delivery
  • 22: Promoting Your Course
  • 23: Monthly Promotion Timing
  • 24: Being Consistent with Your Promotions
  • 25: Advertising Your Courses
  • 26: Customer/Student Communications (The Customer is ALWAYS Right)
  • 27: Dealing with Negative Customer Reviews
  • 28: Automatic (Welcome and Thank You) Messages
  • 29: Answering Questions from Students
  • 30: Legal Issues: Piracy and Monitoring News Stories on Your Courses
  • 31: Copyrighting Your Course (Meaning the Content Can’t be Copied… Not the Name)
  • 32: Trademarking Your Course Name (Meaning Protecting the Name and Not the Content)
  • 33: Teaching on Non-Udemy Platforms: Udemy is Google and Everyone Else is Bing
  • 34: What to Do if Your Course Isn’t Selling
  • 35: Am I Breaking the Rules?
  • 36: Should I Quit My Job and Teach Full Time?
  • 37: Time to Market
  • 38: The Easiest Way Ever to Write a Book Version of Your Courses!!!!
  • 39: It Takes Time… Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
  • 40: Foreign Translation of Courses and Closed Captions

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  • Chris Haroun
  • Grant Winning MBA Professor, Venture Capitalist, and Author.
  • Chris Haroun
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 163,908 Reviews
  • 1,060,304 Students
  • 54 Courses

Chris has sold more than 1,000,000 of his online business and personal development courses in 12 dialects in 196 nations and his courses have been profiled in Business Insider, NBC, Inc, Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur, and on other business news sites.

Chris is the creator of the #1 smash hit online business course called “An Entire MBA in 1 Course®” and numerous different courses.

He’s the writer of the book “101 Crucial Lessons They Don’t Teach You in Business School®,”​ which Business Insider composed is “the most mainstream book of 2016.“​ Forbes called this book “1 of 6 books that all business people should peruse right now.”​

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How to Create Online Video Course

Author and CEO of Haroun Education Ventures, an honor-winning business college teacher, MBA move on from Columbia University, and a previous Goldman Sachs worker. He has raised/oversaw more than $1bn in his profession.

Likewise has work insight at mutual funds goliath Citadel, counseling firm Accenture and a few firms that he has begun, including a speculation firm that had an investment interest in Facebook quite a long while before the Facebook IPO.

An incessant visitor teacher at a few Bay Area MBA schools including Berkeley and Stanford. He additionally has a college degree with a significant in Management Information Systems and International Business from McGill University where he is a McGill University Dobson Fellow (granted for his work coaching understudies with new company models).

Has established a few organizations and serves on the sheets of a few Bay Area organizations and noble causes, including The LEMO Foundation and Providing Opportunities for Women. He lives in Hillsborough, California.

As per Business Insider “Haroun is one of the greatest appraised educators on Udemy, so you can hope to be in acceptable hands through the course of your education.”​

He is enthusiastic about training as he accepts that all issues can be tackled by means of instruction. Visit: FreeCourseWeb.Net

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