Fundamentals of Cyber Security Free Video Course in 2024

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Fundamentals of Cyber Security In this course, we will start with the basics and crucial Terms.

Fundamental of Cyber Security in 2022

Fundamentals of Cyber Security

Also, we will learn what social engineering attacks are and the different types of social engineering attacks carried out by bad actors. Once we are done with that, also we will learn about the security programs and procedures, and associations that should follow.

In Section 2, we will learn about the Information Technology control, Information Technology types, and Information Technology orders grounded on functionality.

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We will learn about Defense in depth/ layered approach and Identity operation( also known as I AM in short). We will also cover many crucial terms in Section 2 and we’ll learn about patch operation, patch operation tasks, what data is, data operation, System Hardening and System Hardening conditioning Change control, Purpose of Change control, and change control inflow illustration.

We will also learn about asset operation, asset operation lifecycle, Data operation, countries of data, data bracket, and information lifecycle. Incipiently we’ll cover encryption, the significance of encryption, cryptography, types of encryption- symmetric encryption and asymmetric, factors impacting encryption, and incident response. pretensions of incident response and security training

At the end of each section, we’ll epitomize everything we learned so far. I unfeignedly hope that you will find this course useful in understanding the fundamentals of Cyber Security. Please feel free to write a review and I’ll do my stylist to ameliorate the content quality. Happy literacy.

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals of Cyber Security
  • Different types of trouble Actors
  • Different types of Attacks that are carried out
  • Trouble Mitigation & Control Types
  • Incident Response

Are there any course conditions or prerequisites?

  • No previous knowledge needed
  • Just the amenability to learn

Who this course is for

  • It’s for newcomers
  • It’s for those who’re interested in Cyber Security

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