Docker Mastery: The Complete Guide 87% Free Course in 2024

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Docker Mastery Dive into the realm of containerization with the “Docker Mastery” course led by a seasoned Docker Captain.

Docker Mastery: The Complete Guide 87% Free Course

This guide provides an overview of the key concepts covered in the course, shedding light on the powerful combination of Docker, Kubernetes, and Swarm to revolutionize your approach to software deployment and management.

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Chapter 1: Getting Started with Docker / Docker Mastery

1.1 Introduction to Containers:

  • Understanding the principles and benefits of containerization.
  • Overview of Docker and its role in modern software development.

1.2 Docker Installation and Setup:

  • Step-by-step guide on installing Docker on various platforms.
  • Configuring Docker for seamless container management.

1.3 Docker Images and Containers:

  • Creating and managing Docker images.
  • Spinning up containers and exploring their lifecycle.

Chapter 2: Docker Compose for Multi-Container Applications / Docker Mastery

2.1 Introduction to Docker Compose:

  • Simplifying multi-container application deployment with Docker Compose.
  • Defining multi-service applications using YAML configuration.

2.2 Networking and Volumes with Docker Compose:

  • Exploring network configurations and data volumes in multi-container setups.
  • Ensuring communication and data persistence across services.

2.3 Project: Orchestrating Applications with Docker Compose:

  • Building a multi-container application and orchestrating its deployment.

Chapter 3: Scaling with Docker Swarm

3.1 Introduction to Docker Swarm:

  • Overview of Docker Swarm for orchestrating containerized applications.
  • Setting up a Docker Swarm cluster.

3.2 Services and Scaling in Docker Swarm:

  • Defining and managing services in a Swarm.
  • Scaling services horizontally to handle increased loads.

3.3 Load Balancing and Rolling Updates:

  • Implementing load balancing for efficient traffic distribution.
  • Performing rolling updates without downtime.

Chapter 4: Kubernetes – Container Orchestration at Scale

4.1 Introduction to Kubernetes:

  • Understanding the need for Kubernetes in container orchestration.
  • Overview of Kubernetes architecture and components.

4.2 Deployments and Pods in Kubernetes:

  • Defining and managing application deployments.
  • Understanding pods and their role in Kubernetes.

4.3 Scaling and Updates in Kubernetes:

  • Scaling applications and performing rolling updates in Kubernetes.
  • Handling containerized applications at scale with ease.

Chapter 5: Advanced Docker Concepts

5.1 Docker Security and Best Practices:

  • Implementing security measures for containerized applications.
  • Best practices for Docker image creation and management.

5.2 Docker Storage and Networking:

  • Exploring advanced storage options and networking configurations in Docker.
  • Optimizing container communication and data storage.

5.3 Project: Secure and Efficient Docker Deployments:

  • Applying security measures and advanced concepts to deploy a robust application.

Conclusion: Empowering Your Container Journey

Congratulations on completing the “Docker Mastery” course! You’ve navigated through the fundamentals of Docker, mastered orchestration with Swarm, and delved into the expansive world of Kubernetes.

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