Learn WordPress Website Development Free Video Course Tutorial

WordPress Website Development Free Video Course

Learn WordPress Website Development Free video Course Tutorial

Hello friends, all of you are welcome, in my post, in which post I am going to give you one of the best WordPress course, then we will teach you about web development.

WordPress Website Development

It is very important to know about what we have to do, so today’s course is related to the same course which is known as WordPress.

you must have heard its name, so let’s know about some of its overviews, know about the description, know about its features, and know about the content that will be taught in it.

What are you going to learn in this course

  • Install WordPress on your local computer without domain and hosting?
  • How will you use WordPress and how will the DIVI Themes use it using the WordPress tool?
  • How to be an illuminator export and how to design your page and post in WordPress

What is the course required

  • You should have a computer, it should have the internet and a good browser.
  • The internet should be the fastest running because you have to watch videos and good themes.
  • You do not need much coding skill in this.
  • Through this course, you will be told how to create a website on your own computer, but if you want domain and hosting, then you have to pay for it. Also : HTML and CSS Full Video Course Tutorial

WordPress Website Development Short Course Description

You will be taught how to install WordPress on your local computer and how to create an extra-ordinal website using Elementor in it, you will be told a few good ways to use Elementor to design and manage your website.

According to how soon you can make a website, you will be told how to design your website in a simple way in the shortest time.

First of all, you will be told how you will name your website and how to host it on your computer and how to design your page.

When you use your Elementor, at that time you will be told techniques such as how to design your page, how many columns to give in it and what to keep in the side out, how to manage the handle and footer and tax in it. Models will be told about how to design, how to apply the photo, and the complete information about its structure and in what ways we can use it will be given in this tutorial.

What is this course designed for

  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to make a website.
  • Anyone who does not want to spend money.
  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn WordPress.

About Course Content in WordPress

  • WordPress intro step by.
  • What are local hosting and web hosting?
  • Installing WordPress with Live Domains With Web Hosting

WordPress on Computer

  • Installing WordPress in PC.
  • Verify Domain.
  • Make the website secure.
  • Creating Email.
  • Course Files.
  • Creating a logo.

Steps to Manage WordPress Website

  • Overview before starting the website.
  • Remove the default website.
  • Creating Pages in Website.
  • Creating a new website.
  • Home page design.

About Astra Theme

What is this?
How to get this.
Use the element page in it.
How to create its header.
How to create its body and photo footer.

About the website homepage

  • Edit home page.
  • How to put an image on the home page.
  • Put the call action in the section of the page.
  • How are you using the service section in the section of the page?

Creating a page of About Us

  • About Us.
  • Setting up the background.
  • Creating a simple design.

How to design service page

  • Enable service page.
  • Managing photo section.
  • How to use the anchor tag.
  • How to keep the videography section.
  • Design the design section.
  • How to manage content.
  • How to do the final step of saving.

Configuration a page

In the final you will get a 15-minute lecture

  • Portfolio items
  • Portfolio page

About the blog page

  • The first page of a blog post.
  • Image with a new post.
  • Creating a blog post.
  • Block page configuration.
  • Comment section.

Foot configurations

  • Footer Credit Configuration
  • Social Media Configuration

So let’s quickly take this course, below you will be seeing the video course, by going here you can get the video course

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