Why My AdSense Account Not Getting Approve in 2021 [Latest Update]

Why My AdSense Account Not Getting Approve in 2021 [Latest Update]

Why my AdSense Account Not Getting Approve in 2021 [Latest Update]

Hello, friends welcome to all of you. My name is Raj and today I am going to tell you. That’s why our Google AdSense account is not getting approved at the moment.

What is its region? What do we have to do about this? So that we do not have to face this problem again and again. With this, if you are coming to this website for the first time, then go through the entire post.

So that you do not have to suffer for not getting AdSense approval.

Why my AdSense Account Not Getting Approved

do you know. Initially, AdSense used to approve everyone. But at present, Google has become very advanced and focused in its work. What is its region? So understand that first. After that it will be a little easier for you to understand about it.

Earlier, Google did not get much traffic. And with this there were not many bloggers either. So there was less content in Google. And of unique content. Anyone who used to blogging. I used to write something new.

So Google used to give him approval too soon. But slowly Google started coming in number one. It had only one region. More and more traffic started coming to Google. So as the traffic increased. By the way, bloggers kept coming.

And made different types of blocks. After that everyone started blogging. So at present, crores of bloggers are running their blogs. Every blogger has a website ranging from a minimum of 5 to ten, everyone has it.

So gradually, some such activity also started happening with the website. Because of which Google and Google’s products were made more advanced.

So as the technology improved, gradually it became difficult to get Adsense approval, now this is the thing. Why is this happening? So for that, I tell you about the topic below.

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Keep these things in mind while creating a blog

  • Everyone started blogging the same
  • Started putting content copyright in the blog
  • Everyone started making the same content
  • The content which is in Google started writing the same content again and again.
  • High-quality content came in handy
  • The content from which Google Adsense started getting approval from the same content was sent to another website for approval.

So friends, the topics which I told above are many in the same way. But after reading these, you must have got some idea.

That we don’t have to do this now we have to do something different. What do we have to do with this? So that we get the approval of Google AdSense, I had explained to you in detail about it.

Now we have to understand about two things. Only after that we can take our blog website forward. And you can also get the approval of Google AdSense.

So what are those two things about which we have to understand. And to focus more and more.

Google end User

We have to understand Google end users. Unless we understand Google and the user well, neither can we take our website forward. Neither we can get the approval of Google AdSense. So first of all let us understand these two in detail, after that we will move forward.

1. What does Google want from Us?

First of all we have to understand this. That’s what Google asks of us. If we are bloggers. We are giving something from our side to Google. So it is under Google’s policy. We will give it to Google if we try to give something to it by opposing its policy.

So he will not convey that matter to the people. So we have to take care of this thing. That’s what Google is asking of us. We have to provide the same thing to him.

Only then will he make our work reach the people. So what we are making. As content. It should be of high quality.

Meaning whatever is not in Google. We have to give that thing. So for that we have to work very hard. Because Google delivers the same thing to the people. What people are looking for.

2. What do Users want from Google?

Google is the largest search engine in the world. Where millions of people come every second. And they try to find something or the other which they don’t know about.

So Google tries to give quality to its visitors. Meaning what those people want. Shows it in number one, meaning Google is giving its quality to its visitors.

So you have to do the same thing. Google has to understand. And you have to analyze your users. that what he wants. What do they need? On the basis of that, you have to give content to them.

In the Conclusion

You must have understood this. That’s what Google wants from us. And what is he doing. With this, what are the users looking for. And what do we have to give them.

You need to understand a little about that. Since you will not manage these two together. Till then there will be no traffic on your website. Neither he will get the approval of Adsense.

AdSense Account Not Getting Approve [Website getting rejected]

Whenever we send a new website to Google Adsense for approval. Then Google Adsense sends us a lot of rejections. First of all the Google Adsense team reviews our website.

If there is even a small policy violation in it. So Google Adsense rejects our website. and gives a chance to improve. So what are such rejections? And what is their solution? Let’s discuss about it.

1. Low-value content

Why  my AdSense Account Not Getting Approve in 2021 [Latest Update]

Nowadays Google Adsense is sending maximum rejections in low value content. What is the reason for this. We discuss about that.

Whenever a new blogger is putting content in his website. Or has he put it. So that content is not of high quality. There is a lot of such content in Google.

That’s why this error comes. So people who are blogging for this. They need to put some new content in their blog. Meaning the content they have put so far. There is no problem with that.

But Google Adsense is sending errors of new content. So you need to put some such high quality content in your website.

So that Google feels that something new is being updated on your website. then will send approval to your website.

Low-value content Solution

First of all check all the posts in your website in Google Search Console whether all the posts are indexed

And all the posts you have written. Maybe there are many such posts in Google. So you need to modify your post.

Content quality guidelines also need attention. That all the posts you have put on your website. And whatever content has been put. There are no such words in it.

2. Valuable Inventory- Scrapped content

Why  my AdSense Account Not Getting Approve in 2021 [Latest Update]

The issue of inventory also comes up sometimes. This is also the reason. That you incorporate some such words in your content. Due to which Google Adsense does not monetize your website.

Like you have provided your website mate download links. With that you have in it. Also put information about hacking software etc.

Whether your website has a link or not. Still you have included some such words. Due to which such issue comes. For this also the solution given to you above. Follow that.

Some Short Issue Expiation

Valuable Inventory

  • Under construction
  • No content

Within the valuable inventory, you may also come across an issue with under construction and no content. Clearly written in both of these that if your website is under construction.

Meaning it is happening. So you cannot apply for Google AdSense. Make a complete website well. Completely ready. Apply then.

We will give you approval along with this if your website does not have content. Meaning you haven’t posted. Then you can come to the issue of Value Inventory No Content. So I have already told you the solution for this.

3. You need to fix some things to use AdSense

Why  my AdSense Account Not Getting Approve in 2021 [Latest Update]

Now comes the problem here whenever you apply for Adsense. So does AdSense review. You may also get such mail after your website. You don’t understand when you see this.

That’s what we have done in our website. That Google rejected. No topic is given here.

that you should repair it. So for this, you have to do a complete analysis once on your website. And have to see these things which I am mentioning below.

  • Have you written Adsense somewhere in your post?
  • Have given download link in your website
  • You did not enter adult content
  • Have used the word hacking on your website

You have to pay attention to some words, which Google AdSense rejects. But if you want to stay with Google AdSense for a long time. So you do not have to use such content.

Try to deliver some high quality content. And remove all these words. Apply after that from your website post. Your website will be approved in your admin account.


So friends, how did your AdSense Account Not Getting Approve? If you got any such information from this. Which can be very beneficial for you. So you must share this post with your friends.

And subscribe our website for upcoming new posts. So that we keep on providing such information to you. Till then see you in the next post. Thank you

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