What is cPanel & How to Use cPanel in WordPress For Beginners Complete Free Tutorial 2021

Hello, friends all of you are welcome. In today’s post, I am going to tell you. We all know about cPanel.

Whether it is a WordPress website or a website created by programming, it manages both. That is the cPanel. You can manage your website by going inside it.

Can manage his settings. If your WordPress website causes a problem for any reason. So only by opening the cPanel. You can solve it So today in this post, I will provide you free video course. Along with that, as much as I know some information about cPanel.

About that, I will give you the information. With this, whatever you will learn in this course. I am also going to tell you about it in this article.

Some FAQ

What is cPanel?

The cPanel is designed as a graphical interface and control panel to manage a website on the Internet. Within this, we can manage the server of our website.

And we have as many websites as possible. You can manage them all. All the files, photos, and data are kept on the website. We manage all of them with the help of cPanel.

What is cPanel used for?

We also call the cPanel the hosting control panel. It is made by cPanel LLC. They have designed a graphical interface in it. This is a simple interface.

With its help, we can manage our website easily. It has a user-friendly interface. We can also call this the administration of the website.

Why do we need a cPanel?

The cPanel website is designed to manage. With its help, we can manage our website very easily. If we have to manage the website. So we have to know about the technical setup.

Therefore, cPanel is designed as an open-source programming software for website builders. With the help of which we can manage our website easily.

How many rupees can be purchased for cPanel

cPanel provides a hosting provider to us. Its charges vary. According to its features, if you want to go to the hosting provider’s website and buy cPanel means hosting.

So you can see its price there. The companies that provide it are Godaddy, NameChape, BigRock, HostGator, etc.

There are many such companies. Which makes us provide a hosting channel. Their maximum price is different. But its normal price starts approximant at $ 15 monthly.

Normally above, I have answered questions related to some cPanel. After reading them you must have understood something about the cPanel. So let’s get to know some more things about the cPanel.

cPanel Interface Free Course Web

The interface of the cPanel looks like this. Now I will tell you which is the most important part of the entire interface of cPanel.

I will express you about that only. I will tell you more But above which I have shown you the photo. That cPanel’s interface is not complete. I have shot only a part of it on the screen.

Python Programming Course

WordPress Development Course

Most Important Part (Option) in cPanel

I am providing you below the list of options that are most used in cPanel. And I will tell them their small explanations too.

Which you will understand better. For more information, you will have to watch the video tutorial

  • File Manager
  • Addon domains
  • physical memory usage
  • Subdomain
  • Email account
  • MY SQL database
  • PHP MY admin

File manager

Let’s talk first. Regarding the file manager, within the file manager, you can manage the coding option of your website.

If you have created a website in WordPress. So whenever you have all the options on your website. Such as themes, plugins you can manage from here.

If your WordPress website is having any problem in any way. And you are not able to log in to your WordPress website.

So with the help of the file manager in the direct channel, where the problem is coming. You can solve.

Addon domains

Addon domain stands for. That is your cPanel. According to the hosting provider inside it is as much as the criteria.

Accordingly, you can add your new domain. Suppose there is an option to update unlimited new domains in your cPanel.

So you are as much as your domains by going to the addon domain. You can add them.

physical memory usage

There is an option in the physical memory cPanel. If it becomes full. So you cannot update the photo video on your website.

At that time if you want to reduce this in your cPanel from the hosting provider. It will ask that you upgrade your hosting.

So sometimes due to the physical memory getting full, you cannot update the photos on your WordPress website, then you have to understand this.


Even if you have a cPanel like yours. There is an option for all dominoes in it. In which you can add unlimited domains, here you do not have any kind of restriction. To understand the subdomain, refer to the exam given below.

  • Domain-www.freecourseweb.org
  • SubDomain-link.freecourseweb.org

Email account

There is an option of an email account. In the cPanel, if you want to create your own email account with the name of your website.

So you can make it. You will know this by looking at the exam given below. With the help of it, how can we create related emails from the professional domain? And how does it look?

Domain E-mail- [email protected]

MY SQL database

In this option of cPanel, to run your website and display it on the Internet, you put whatever you have in it.

Such as no posts, songs videos, photos to show them all where you have to put these things. It is called a database.

This means that there is as much data like your website. A place has to be built to keep it. Which is called a database. By going into this option, you have to create a database for your website.

PHP MY admin

There is a second important option. For PHP My Admin, now you have added a new domain to your cPanel. you have also created its database.

If you have to manage the database created, then you can manage it by going to PHP My Admin. And whatever you want to change. So you can do it by going there itself.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Install WordPress in posting.
  • Create a professional email account.
  • Add a new domain to hosting.
  • Manage your WordPress website in cPanel.

What are the requirements of this course?

  • You must have a hosting with cPanel

What is this course designed for?

This course is designed for WordPress users. With the help of this course, he will be able to understand about cPanel.

This court does not require technical knowledge to learn. Just a little experience of web development.

About Course Content

  • Course intro
  • Starting WordPress
  • WordPress Installation process
  • Manage Domains
  • Create email account
  • File manager Setting

How do you like this course and post? So, you must also send us your comment about it. And before watching the video of the course, definitely read this post completely.

Once and share this course with your friends. But only share those friends. Those who want to learn cPanel and website development courses. FreeCourseWeb.Net

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