Complete Web Development Video Course
Complete Web Development Video Course

Learn Complete Web Development Video Course For Free

today I am going to give you a course that after learning you will become perfect in web development and will become a web developer.

After taking this course, you can create 25 types of websites and mobile applications with the help of HTML CSS JavaScript My Square PHP & also Python. Now Learn Complete Web Development Video Course

Web Development Courses

Friends, this is a course in web development with the help of which you can learn web development easily, as well as mobile app development, you can also seek this premium course that is being provided for free. In this course, you can learn to create 14 types of websites.

Before learning this course, you do not need to have any more knowledge of coding beforehand, in this you will be told about step by step every step by which you can do your own web development.

You must have seen some websites in your life that is the number one website in the world, such as Google YouTube Facebook, there are many websites that will also teach you how to make this type of website in the world number one in this course. We all know that If we learned to make a website.

So we can also create a website of our own and bring it to number one, but for that, you need to learn a lot that will be taught to you in this course, let’s know what you will learn in the section of this course.

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you will write about more than 12 sections

  • How does the web work
  • How can the web be managed
  • HTML Coding Knowledge
  • CSS Coding Knowledge
  • About javascript
  • About JQuery
  • CMSs and WordPress
  • PHP coding knowledge
  • Responsive Design
  • MYSQL Knowledge
  • How to Earn 10000 Dollar
  • Twitter Clone

What is this course designed for

It is for those who want to learn to code.
The course is for anyone who wants to earn money.
This is a course for anyone who wants to create a website.
It is a force for anyone who wants to become a financially independent
This course is for anyone who wants to do their own business.
He has a course in free launching

Know the contents of this course

  1. Web developer introduction.
  2. Free setup of all course content.
  3. Start coding on mac.
  4. Start coding on window.

Course Contents of Web Development

HTML5 content list

  • html5
  • html5 introduction
  • First web page
  • Coding with the first web page
  • Web page preview and structure
  • Web page files and structures
  • Create a full web page
  • File with complete webpage
  • Heading tag used
  • File with a heading tag
  • Paragraph tag
  • File with paragraph
  • About Formatting Tax
  • On order list
  • File with on order list
  • Image
  • File with image
  • Form
  • File with form
  • Table
  • File with table
  • Link
  • File with link
  • Html end
  • File with HTML and tree
  • Eye frame
  • File with frame
  • All combination
  • All combination file
  • Free hosting
  • Full setup of free hosting
  • About firebox
  • FTP on window
  • File with formatting tax
  • Order list
  • File with order list
  • Ftp on map
  • Extra Reading HTML Question & Ans
  • Answer HTML Label

jQuery Content With File:

  • Introduction
  • Using jQuery In Your Webpages
  • Detecting A Click
  • Changing Website Content
  • Changing Website Styles
  • Fading Content
  • Animating Content
  • AJAX
  • Regular Expressions
  • Mini Project – Form Validation
  • Introducing jQuery UI
  • Draggable & Resizable
  • Droppable
  • Accordion & Sortables
  • jQuery Project – Code Player
  • Further Reading

PHP28 lectures With Files:

  • Introduction
  • Hello World With PHP
  • Variables
  • Arrays09:03
  • If Statements
  • For And For Each Loop
  • While Loops
  • GET Variables
  • POST Variables
  • Sending An Email With PHP
  • Mini Project -A Contact Form
  • Getting Contents Of Other Scripts
  • Project – Weather Scraper
  • Further Reading
  • PHP Quiz & Q & Ans

APIs16 lectures with Files:

  • Introduction
  • What’s The Weather
  • The Google Maps API
  • The Twitter API
  • Challenge
  • Geocoding With Google Map
  • Mini Challenge – Postcode Finder
  • Further Reading
  • APIs Quiz A & Q

CSS Content With Files :

  • Introduction To CSS 3 Section
  • What Is CSS?
  • Inline CSS
  • Internal CSS
  • Classes And IDs
  • Divs
  • Colors
  • Floating
  • Positioning
  • Margins
  • Padding
  • Borders
  • Fonts
  • Styling Text
  • Aligning Text
  • Styling Links
  • CSS Project BBC News Website 1 to 5 And Files
  • External
  • Further Reading
  • Reference 2
  • Quiz8 questions
  • CCA Level 1

JavaScript Contact With File :

  • Introduction
  • What Is Javascript?
  • Internal Javascript
  • Accessing Elements
  • Responding To A Click
  • Changing Website Content
  • Manipulating Styles With Javascript
  • Mini Challenge
  • Variables and Files
  • Arrays and Files
  • If Statements and Files
  • Javascript Game
  • Loops and Files
  • While Loops and Files
  • Functions and Files
  • Javascript Project
  • External Javascript and Files

Bootstrap 4 with files:

  • Introduction
  • Your First Bootstrap Site
  • The Grid System
  • Introducing Navbars
  • Forms & Tables
  • Bootstrap Components
  • Modals, Popovers & Tooltips
  • ScrollSpy
  • Project – App Landing Page
  • The Free Bootstrap Themes
  • Further Reading
  • Bootstrap Quiz Q & A

MySQL Section With File:

  • Introduction
  • Connecting To A Database
  • Retrieving Data From A Database
  • Inserting And Updating Data
  • Looping Through Data
  • Session Variables
  • Cookies
  • Storing Passwords Securely
  • A note about secure passwords
  • Project Secret Diary (1)
  • Project – Secret Diary (2)
  • Further Reading – MySQL
  • MySQL Quiz
  • CCA MySQL Level 100:05

WordPress Section:

  • Introduction
  • Dashboard
  • Themes
  • Important note and lecture
  • Creating A Blog
  • Ecommerce Site
  • Further Reading
  • WordPress Quiz

What will you learn in this course

  • Creating a website and web-app.
  • Creating Mobile Apps Using HTML.
  • A good job as a junior web developer.
  • Getting to know freelance projects.
  • Starting Your Own Online Business.
  • A simple way to learn web development.
  • Learning and complete information about databases.

What are the requirements of this course

  • No knowledge of web development is required.
  • You must have a computer and a laptop.
  • No software required.

If you have read about all the above requirements then you can take this post, below you will have a Course button leading to the Video Course, click on it and you can access the Course. FreeCourseWeb.Net

It will take 30 seconds for the button to appear

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