W3 Total Cache Pro Free Download v2.1.8 Under GPL

W3 Total Cache Pro Free Download

W3 Total Cache Pro: W3 Total Cache is a free module. Also available in a master form. Includes CDN (Content Delivery Network) mixes, browser caching, and CSS/JS/K min/stress to help support and work with your site 30+ different elements are included. HTML record.

W3 Total Cache Pro

As we have read it’s basic data so far. And currently, we will look at some of the core components of the GPL rendering W3 Total Cache Pro that is covered by the GNU GPL (General Public License) premium module. And considers the need to know the total elements.

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Elements of W3 Total Cache

Viable with shared facilitators, virtual private/dedicated workers, and committed workers/groups

Media library, theme docs, and content transport organization (CDN) executives directly with WordPress itself

Portable support: separate storage of pages by referrer or client expert meetings including subject exchange for referrer or client expert meetings

Speed ​​Up Mobile Pages (AMP) Support

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support

Reserving Pages and Posts (Minified and Packed) in Memory or on Circle or (FSD) on CDN (by Client Specialist Bunch)

Reserving (minified and packaged) CSS and JavaScript in memory, on Circle or CDN

Reserving feeds (sites, classifications, labels, comments, query items) in memory or on a plate or on a CDN

Reserving query item pages (eg URIs with query string factors) in memory or on the circle

storage of information base articles in memory or on a plate

storing objects in memory or on a plate

Reservation of sections in memory or on a plate

Reservation strategies include adjoining disk, Redis, Memcached, APC, APC, eAccelerator, cache, and win cache.

Minify CSS, Minify JavaScript, and Minify HTML with Fine Control

Shortening of posts and pages and RSS channels

Minimization of inline, installed, or external JavaScript with computerized updates to resources

Minimization of inline, installed, or external CSS with computerized updating of resources

Accept non-basic CSS and JavaScript to deliver pages quicker than at any time in recent memory

Accept offscreen pictures using lazy load to further develop the client experience

Program Reserving Using Store Control, Future Terminate Headers and Element Labels (ETag) with “Reserve Busting”

Javascript gathering by layout (landing page, post page, and so on) with implant area controls

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non-interrupted javascript insert

  • Directly Import Post Connections to the Media Library (and CDN)
  • Influence our various CDN mixes to improve pictures
  • WP-CLI support for reserve cleaning, query string refreshing, and then some
  • Various security provisions to help guarantee the well-being of the site
  • storing measurements for performance bits of knowledge of any empowered component
  • Extension system for customization or extensibility for Cloudflare, WPML, and more
  • Nginx or Varnish. turn on intermediate joining via

10X speed improvement

Once set up appropriately, W3 Total Cache Pro can generally deliver a 10x improvement in site performance (as shown by Google PageSpeed ​​Insights).

fixed WordPress caching plugin

W3 Total Cache is a module. that grows with you. First, most sites require page storage and program reserving. And W3 Total Cache does it for you with a few, basic snaps. As you develop. By the way, fulfill your reservation requirements. What’s more, W3TC will be there for you.

WordPress page caching

Page caching for your WordPress site is probably extremely fundamental to speeding up your site. W3 Total Cache does this for you quickly and effectively. Thereby giving you some options for circles and RAM-based capacities like Redis or Memcached.

static file compression

W3 Total Cache can use either to guarantee this, regardless of whether your worker has introduced Brotley or Gzip compression. that you use the minimum measure of data transfer capacity. that is adjusted against the fastest page speed. Your site will stack up faster, and more reliably with W3TC.

on-demand images (lazy loading)

Slack stacking accepts images from stacking, except that they are apparent in the underlying render. This allows you to have more extravagant, longer pages, while the page display can be placed as quickly as possible.

Web server and stack compatibility

Use Apache, NGINX, or a mix of the two to help speed up your page faster than ever. W3 Total Cache uses its web worker to speed up your WordPress site like no other module is accessible.



W3 Total Cache Pro WP Plugin

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W3 Total Cache Pro

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