Unity 2D Game Development: Free Udemy Video Course in 2021

Unity 2D Game Development: Free Udemy Video Course in 2021

Unity 2D Game Development: Make your Dream 2D Sprite Game Inside the Powerful Unity Editor || Unity 2D Game Development: Free Udemy Video Course in 2021

  • 30,615 understudies
  • 7hr 4min of on-request video

Course Description:

This course will show you what you need to know to make a 2D sprite-based game in Unity supervisor variant 5.6 (the Latest Beta form right now).

The methods utilized in this arrangement are similar to the ones I used to make my own game Heart Battle for PC and cell phones.

As of now the course in progress, it will be finished in the coming month and ought to be refreshed every now and then with the new pertinent substance after that too. The harsh completed course rundown should look something like this when done.

Unity 2D Game Development:

  • Scene Hierarchy
  • What sorts of resources will you need to make a game (PNG Sprites, MP3/WAV Audio)
  • Coordinating Your Project
  • GameObjects and Transforms
  • Labels and Layers
  • Camera
  • Material Box/Circle/Polygon Colliders and Rigid Bodies (in real life as well)
  • Controlling Canvas Positioning (Anchors and so forth) Text Components Buttons Sliders Menu Screens Canvas Groups and Scalers
  • Sound Sources and Audio Listeners


  • Cutting Sprites for Use in Game Animations
  • Movement Controllers
  • Abrogate Animation Controllers
  • Player (Animation/Animator) Animation Trees)


  • Setting Up Scripter of Choice for Unity (Visual Studio and so forth)
  • MonoBehaviours and Unity Lifecycle
  • Player Control Scripting
  • Starting up Game Objects through Script
  • Ray casts and Collision Detection
  • Send/Broadcast Message
  • Building a Screen Fader (most likely incorporate my content)
  • Save/Load System (Check Asset Store for Example)
  • Coroutines
  • Characterizing and Activating Events
  • UnityEvents and Reorderable Event Lists
  • Supervisor Menu Items Changing Scenes


  • Adding Ads to Game
  • Empowering Collaboration
  • Cloud Build

Designing for Export

  • Building Project Settings
  • Portable/Other Exports

Additional Scripts

  • OpenGameArt and Using Creative Commons Assets
  • Bringing in Materials through the Asset Store
  • Pixel Perfect Camera Scripts
  • Vice Package
  • Delay Button
  • Tiled2Unity
  • Solidarity IAP

Outside Tools that May Help

  • Pyxel Edit
  • Sprite Illuminator
  • GIMP/Photoshop
  • Daringness

Who this course is for:

Fan gamers need to offer to make their own game a chance subsequent to playing others’ games.

Engineers or hopeful game designers keen on making a 2D game task and willing to do some C# prearranging


You should know essential programming or prearranging to finish this course. We’ll utilize C#.

Realizing how to function in realistic and sound editors will take care of you. You can likewise explore online for your specialty resources.

What you will realize

  • Make a 2D game exportable for numerous stages including Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Work inside the Unity manager to smooth out a game plan and altering measures.
  • Import and use sprites, audio cues, music, and different resources within your game

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Course Content:

  • Prologue to the Unity 5.5 Editor UI
  • Scene and Game Windows Explained
  • Order Window – Scenes, GameObjects, Parent-Child Relationship
  • Undertaking Assets for 2D Games (Sprites/Sound/Music)
  • The most effective method to Organize Project Asset Folders
  • Game Objects, Transforms, Layers, and Tags
  • The most effective method to Setup the Camera
  • Player Controller, Collisions with Colliders, Rigidbody 2D Physics
  • Adding Sound Effects and Music with Audio Sources
  • UI Canvas Introduction
  • Text UI, Text Mesh, and Making Them Look Right
  • Fastens and Setting OnClick Events in Editor
  • Introduction on UI Buttons and Things to Avoid
  • Innovative Use for UI Sliders in Unity
  • About Sliders UI Element
  • The most effective method to Create Game and Options Menu Screens
  • Game Jam Template Easy Menu and Controlling Audio with Mixer
  • Reliable UI Size with Canvas Scaler
  • The most effective method to Cut Up Sprite Sheets for Animation
  • Enlivening Sprite Characters
  • Mix Tree Animation – Switching Between Idle/Walking in 4 Directions
  • Liveliness Override Controllers Explained
  • Picking and Attaching a C# – Javascript Script Editor to Unity (Visual Studio 20
  • MonoBehaviour Scripting and Unity Lifecycle Methods
  • Prearranging Player Movement Controls
  • Step by step instructions to Script Platformer Jumping
  • Produce Enemies or Game Objects in Script
  • Testing for Raycast Collisions
  • Send and Broadcast Messages to Scripts/GameObjects
  • Blur the Screen In and Out
  • Saving System
  • Stacking Games
  • Step by step instructions to Build a Load Game Menu
  • Coroutines (Yielding to Other Code)
  • Occasions and Delegates
  • Simple Ads on iOS and Android
  • Cloud Build
  • Discovering Free and Paid 2D Game Assets
  • Arrangement GIMP for 2D Pixel Art
  • SpriteIlluminator – 2D Normal Map Lighting
  • Tiled + Tiled2Unity
  • Prologue to Audacity
  • BFXR – Make Character Talking Blip Sound Effects
  • Step by step instructions to Create Custom Projectile Attacks utilizing Projectile Attack System

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  • Chris Navarre
  • Programming Tutorial Expert and Author
  • Chris Navarre
  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
  • 1,387 Reviews
  • 59,682 Students
  • 19 Courses

My way of thinking in data innovation and learning overall is that video learning is simply the most ideal approach to learn.

I can give the recordings yet it’s dependent upon you as my understudy Unity 2D Game Development to retain and rehearse the data to turn into a more instructed and talented individual.

On the off chance that you need to experience my way to deal with training and instructional exercise arrangement, you can discover me on my channel. Visit: FreeCourseWeb.Net

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