Top 5 Passive Income Source in the Duration of Lockdown (Learn Now Earn Now in 2022)

Top 5 Passive Income Source in the Duration of Lockdown (Learn Now Earn Now in 2021)

Friends, if you want to earn passive income. want to make. So you try to read this post today in its entirety.

Because in today’s post, I am going to tell. Some ideas from where you can earn passive income.

Many people remain dependent only on active income. But passive income is the best. So let’s know. Why is this step by step?

What is a passive income?

Passive income is one such source. Where income comes from. Meaning we do not have to do much work in it. Initially, a little hard work is required.

But later we do not have to do much hard work in it. Only we have to look at the line. Sometimes time has to be given. But we keep getting regular income. This is what we call passive income. Let me tell you some of its exams below.

  • Youtube
  • Blogging
  • Investment
  • Real state
  • affiliate marketing
  • Digital marketing etc.

What is an active Income?

Active income means. Whenever a person works. He only has income Otherwise it does not happen. For example, a private employee is working in a bank. So while he is working in the bank.

His income will keep on coming. But when he leaves the bank. So his income will stop coming. In the same manner, the second exam is a labor which works daily to build a house.

So it works from morning till evening. So he earns a day. If he does not go to work the next day, then his income will not be made. Below are some examples which are examples of active income.

  • Labour
  • Private employee etc.

Passive income vs active income

Friends Passive Income is one such source. Where you will have money coming from you. Whether you work or not.

You will get money from time to time. The source you are working with. For passive income. He will continue to give you money every single fixed time.

For which you do not need to do some work. You only have to pay attention to it occasionally. We call such a source as passive income.

But within the active income one has to keep regular updates. He has to make his work regular.

If that person does not work. So he does not get income. Therefore, active income is not more transparent than passive income.

Due to this, in this post today, I am going to tell you. What are the sources of obtaining passive income?

And how much work we have to do in them. And how long to work. You will find full information in this post.

Top 5 Passive Income Source at Home in 2021

Now I will tell you five such methods. With the help of gins, you can make a passive income by sitting at home.

Because everyone is sitting in the house at the time of lockdown. They are not getting work anywhere.

Perhaps this post is very important for those people. Hence methods and methods to bring top five passive income.

1.Educational tutorial

What time is it now? It is time for complete lock down. All the college school coaching centers are closed. Now you have to dissect it. How you can target a student. Because there are students all over the world.

They all have to stay at home. But no one will go to them to teach them. And all those students are doing their studies through online.

Due to this you can start online educational tutorials. With whose help they will benefit.

And you can join the education student in your team. And they can provide them with knowledge through their video tutorials.

And at this time the demand for education online is also increasing a lot. You just have to take two or 3 hours a day for this.

And those students have to teach. With which you can make passive income at the time of lockdown. And you can also make this a lifetime.

2.Create a youtube channel

What is going on now Blogging Trend, YouTube Trend. So by sitting at home, you can make a YouTube channel of your own. And you can teach anything in it. For the exam. You can make videos related to education.

People can awaken the public Through his video. Because many people are sitting out of the house without sitting. So they have to tell us this. Only stay in the house at the time of lockdown.

With this, you can teach about blogging. It is very important to know people. With this, if you have a laptop. So with his help, you can make new ways to make videos.

And can update in YouTube. Because many people are sitting in the house right now. And they definitely watch YouTube.

So this time if you start a YouTube channel. So you will get more subscribers and views with less effort.

How To Create Successful YouTube Gaming Channel Zero to Hero

Learn YouTube SEO & Get Million of Subscribers with Udemy Video Tutorials

YouTube Advanced Masterclass Free Course in 2020

3.Work in blogging

So what can I tell you about blogging now? This is one of the best platforms. Which everyone can do.

For this, only a computer and internet is needed. Here you can do everything with the help of content writing only.

If you have educational knowledge. So you can make an education block. If you have knowledge about digital marketing.

So you can distribute digital marketing knowledge to people by putting content related to digital marketing.

If you know a lot of information related to health. So you can make a personal blog about him.

If you like questioning and answering. So you can make a website for question answers.

Where people will like your website a lot. So blogging is one such way. Where do you start now?

So you will be successful in a year and a half. And from here you will start getting passive income. With which you can improve your financial position.

4.New Advance Course Sale

In the present times, everyone is sitting at home. So he must have needed a course. If students are there, then if we provide them advanced course.

So he will buy it because he is getting something to learn at home. So everyone wishes to learn.

So if we reach the basic and advanced course people through our website. So he will get knowledge of it.

In this, we can provide basic and advanced post programming, website designing, editing, passive income.

5. Affiliate marketing

If you have started blogging. So you can start affiliate marketing through that. I have explained all the above methods. They are all related to each other.

Meaning you are doing a lot of improvement in blogging. So you get involved in affiliate marketing. And from there you can generate passive income. Can be made by sitting at home.

With this, there are as many platforms as affiliate marketing. Learn about the best platforms among them. And let me start you with some affiliate marketing.

  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Flipkart Affiliate Marketing
  • eBay Affiliate Marketing

Friends could have been more interesting than this. But let me tell you as many topics as above. If you work in one of them too.

So you are going to benefit from this for a lifetime. And with this, you will also get a lot of knowledge.

And you can have a fairly passive income. his time too and later if you guys liked this post. So share it with your friends. Because they should also be aware of it in lockdown.

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