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Friends, you can find out the domain from here. Buying your domain is the first thing to do to build your website. For a blogger and website developer. If you can’t find the best domain. So you can have a problem in the future. So, let me give you some information below. That’s how you can select a good domain to make your website.

COM [Commercial]

If you want to get this Com domain. So these domains are commercial. Which is the highest and top-level domain. There are many popular websites. Which comes from number 1 to number 10. Among them, .com is the highest. So whenever you create your website, try it first. What if not. So you can go to another option after that.


This domain has a full-form network. A network is a connection. And this type of website is as much. That is the website of all the high-level domains. A website with this name is very popular. If you don’t get dotcom then try dot net. If even after that you do not get net in your name. So you go to the second option.


ORG is a website related to the organization if you have an organization. And you’re building a website for that. So you buy org, such websites are mostly used for business. And it is also a high-level domain. But we can use it for personal use too. If you cannot find a network and commercial website. So you can also buy ORG.

TECH [Technology]

If you are creating a technology-related website. So you can take this website domain. but it’s not like that. That technology is used in the website related to technology. In this, you can also take com, net. But if you want this one, you can search for it.

STORE [Storing]

Many people have their own personal store. And those people come online to register their personal store. For this, they have to make a website for their shop. So for this, you can take the domain of this method. So that you can sell your product in your shop and store online.

The conclusion

Friends, I have given you information about some high-level domains here. Now you can search your domain above. What domain do you want to buy through Bluehost? I have given an exam on him above. You can buy your domain at the base of the example. This post is ready to buy domain only.