Read this Post Before Starting a New Blog in 2022 [Complete Information About New Blogger]

Read this Post Before Starting a New Blog in 2022 [Complete Information About New Blogger]-How to be successful when starting a new Blog Current Time.

Read This Post Before Starting A New Blog In 2022

Hello friends, all of you are welcome. In today’s post, I am going to tell you. That whenever someone does blogging. Or creates a new blog. If no one has given him instructions.

So he makes a lot of mistakes. Like I want to share my experience with you guys. And I want to tell you this as well. That I have mistaken curry.

What do we have to do from the beginning to not do them? And how to start your blog. With this, whenever we make a blog ourselves.

So for that, from the beginning to the end, we should know about what. We will discuss it today. Read the post till the end.

So that you get complete information. Because I am making this for those in the post. Those starting blogging.

And he is not taking instruction from anyone else. With the help of their knowledge and experience, they are starting their own blog.

Whenever you start blogging, read about these things in detail once. Because you will know the basic things of blogging from here.

About Blogging?

Guys whenever you are going to make your own block. And you do not have basic and theoretical knowledge about it. Even then you will not be able to pursue your blog well.

So, I will submit it to you. That is what your blog is first of all. Why should you do blogging? Why is this important?

Start your blog only after knowing about it. What is blogging? For that, you can read this post.

What is WordPress?

Many people create their own blogs in WordPress. But initially, they did not have information about WordPress. So they make a lot of mistakes.

So whenever you create your website in WordPress. Take his basic information about what is WordPress? How does it work

So what is WordPress for you? You can read this post. Where you will find basic information about WordPress.

What is SEO?

We make our own blog. But unless we have complete information about search engine optimization. WordPress SEO.

Till then we cannot bring traffic to our website. Due to this, our website is not able to grow further. In the case of other websites.

For this, you should have complete knowledge of search engine optimization. Due to this, you will be able to expand your website. For information on search engine optimization, read this post.

What is Domain Name?

Friends, the most important for creating a blog and a website, which we take care of from everyone. His name is Domine.

If you did not select your domain correctly. Then you can get the most problem.

If you want to know basic complete information about 2 minutes. So you must read this post because. Full information is given here. About the domain.

When we Make Blog?

Many people do not know this. That when should we make a blog. How to make it. What should be made by taking information about it?

Must also read it once. Because from here you will also know. What to do before creating a blog. And are there such mistakes? Which we should not do.

Blogger Vs WordPress?

Sometimes we are in this problem. Whether Blogger is right or WordPress is the best. So for this also, we should take information once.

If you are building a website in Direct WordPress. So later you might think that I should have started in Blogger.

If you are creating in Blogger. you might think that I had to start in WordPress. would have been good.

So if you are in this dilemma. you must read Blogger Vs WordPress once.

Useful Blogging Tools For New Blogger

Whatever information I have given you above. Once you understand those details, read them. So from here, you will get 50% information.

Before we start that blog and whenever we create a new blog. What do we have to do with that?

Now I give you a list below. Which you have to know about. What their job is. Where are the uses, how are they used?

You have to find it yourself. When you start searching for a topic yourself. Will start searching. Will try to learn more.

So you will have a double benefit. Therefore, there is a topic in any of the lists given below. You have to learn about them before starting your blog.

Website or Blog Monitor

Real-time Blog or Website Perform Checker

Keywords Finder Tool From Google

SEO Tools

Regarding the tools I have mentioned above, you will get a lot of information from here too by taking information about them once. Which can be beneficial to you later.

Blogging related video course

How To Find Keywords For Blog & Website 

How to Create Application Without Coding

Learn Blogging Masterclass

Complete CSS Video Course

WordPress SEO Free Video Course

WordPress Theme & Plugin Development

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How to Create WordPress Website

Learn Basic SEO Complete Information

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Top 5 Passive Income Source

Google AdSense Account Approval tips

Now we have created a blog. Also working on it. So before that, I want to tell you this.

The purpose of creating your blog is that you can earn income from that blog, but the most popular way to earn an income is that.

Using AdSense. If you create your blog against AdSense policy. Then you can have problems later.

Before getting the AdSense account approved, you should first know about the AdSense policy. After that start creating your blog. And start adding content to it. Adsence Policy For Website Approval

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Friends, you must have liked this post. With this, you can subscribe to our website to get more posts. And do share with your friends too. So that they also get such information. See you in the next post

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