On-Page SEO Unlimited Guideline in 2021

On-Page SEO Unlimited Guideline in 2021

What is Page SEO? How to optimize your content how to create SEO-friendly URLsHow to write titles and descriptions.

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.

On-page SEO consists of those activities that directly affect the content, pages, and architecture of the site

What is On-Page-SEO?

On-Page-SEO is also called on-site SEO. We call the practice of web page optimization on-page SEO. It is also called content search optimization. In this, optimization is usually done to the title tag, content, internal link, external link URL, etc. It is completely different from off-page optimization.

Why is On-Page-SEO important?

That’s why it’s important. Because through this you can bring the web page to the first number of the search engine. To make the website popular, it is necessary to optimize the content of the web page.

Google always pays more attention to new topics. If there is a new topic and new information. Brings that webpage to rank. Therefore, the ability to understand Google’s algorithms lies in on-page search engine optimization. Learn about how the Google algorithm works from here.

Note: Pay regular attention to these things

  • Ranking
  • Speed
  • Average time
  • Bonus rate
  • Visitor amount
  • Daily Visitor

What is Keyword Targeting?

Keyword targeting is the best method for On-Page-SEO.

For this, while writing and creating content, pay more attention to keyword targeting, for this, when we write a blog post.

Then there should be at least 50 to 100 keywords, then select the keyword before writing the post. Find it. and collect.

What to do for this is give his information.

Keywords google for On Page SEO

When you search for a keyword for the first time through the Google search engine, a list appears below.

As seen in the photo above.

Maximum no keywords have come in it. Now the topic on which we are writing. We have got 9 words related to that.

All the keywords were found. Apply them again in the search engine. So more keywords related to it are found. See the photo below for example.

Again Apply: On-Page SEO Techniques

Keywords google for On Page SEO 2

The photo you see above. In that too, four keywords were found, after re-searching the second keyword, the same number of first keywords have come.

Search them again. And collect related keyboards from that. And then prepare the post.

Don’t Forget This Method, That is Very Easy Free & High-Quality Method

Another Method of keywords Collection

Related search is another method to find the keyboard. You can get it at the end of the first page. When you write a post on a keyword.

So by searching it in the search engine, how to find out the keyword and told about it first. Now search the keyword in which you write the post.

And at the end of the first page, you will get a related search.

There you will find a maximum of 8 keyboards. Your world collection can be among them.

Related Searches

So like you see above photo.

In this way, you will get some keywords in happy search results. You select from them.

And collect and put in the post and also update the related content.

Understand this Once

Best position keyword
On-Page SEO Unlimited Guideline in 2021 13

Above is a photo. Take a good look at it once. The title that I have entered in the search result. After that, the result came to the top.

A post has come in it of YouTube Advance Master Class Free Download in 2020.

The keyboard is used in this. It is also in the keyword search. Now three things need to be understood well in this.

First of all, look at the title in the number, there is a youtube advanced master class in it. After that in number 2 is the URL of this post.

There is also a YouTube Advance Master Class in that. After that go to the description.

You can see it there also. youtube advanced master class So in this way we have to keep the position of the keyword. When we are writing a new post.

Understand Web Post Structure

Web post structure is very important. This is important because according to Google if we keep our post structure correctly.

So Google brings our post quickly in the rank. For this, you have to follow the structure.

And accordingly, the post has to be made. Understand the coding of the structure once.

Required properties (According to Google)


When the post is written Then we have to give the author information about it. This is absolutely necessary. Because the post has been updated. Who wrote it on google?

What is his profile? All that information is fitted into Google’s algorithms.

It is a ranking factor. Which is very useful for on-page SEO. Below is its structure. Understand it well and there is an example below it.

"author": [{
    "@type": "Person",
    "name": "Jane Doe",
    "url": "http://example.com/profile/Jone123"
    "@type": "Person",
    "name": "John Doe",
    "url": "http://example.com/profile/jone123"

author. name-
publisher Logo-

Blog Title Position

The title position of the blog should be kept correctly. Which is the first title. He must be of H1. After that, the blog post should start from H2.

After the first paragraph is over, start with H3.

And after that till H 4 we have to make a heading. The heading is the most important. The heading is also used by Google in ranking factors.

If you are using WordPress. So you can use headings easily. And you can put If you are taking help of coding.

So you have to look at that completely. whether the heading is installed or not. Along with this, the target keywords are. You must put them in the heading because there are many headings.

Which should be well placed in the title and in the keyword. So the post ranks fast. So you have to take good care of this thing too.

Keyword Frequency or density

Keyword density can be high or it can be below. But the keyword density should be well placed at the base of the post.

Only one keyword is in the content.

So it is a bit difficult to rank by posting that. So if you are writing a 1000 word post then it should contain 15 to 20 keywords.

Keyword Frequency
As you see in the photo above. The keyword frequency in the first of those photos is very low. So it is more attractive and far from the ranking factor.

If you look in the second, then many keywords have been used in it, which have been used by making distance.

If you keep the keyword distance in this way, then the post ranking will be more likely.

Internal and External Links

Internal and external links should be used in the post. There are many benefits from this, both of them have their own benefits.

If you link internally in the post. And with this, also put external links.

So let’s know what can be the benefit of keeping these two in the post. And what can be the impact on the ranking of the post?

Internal Links

  • Bonus rate increases
  • Increases the authority of the post
  • posts are ranked
  • Views increase in posts
  • Complete information is given in the post

External Links

External links are the most important. With the help of this for the post, Google is able to understand the page in a better way.

And the external links also tell about other factors of the post.

And the topics it contains. It gives information about the related page.

Optimize Post URLs for SEO

The post you are writing. To optimize the URL of that post, you have to put the title in it properly. Here also the same keyword has to be used.

I told you earlier. That’s how we have to use keywords in the title URL and description.

still, understand. You have to understand on the basis of the photo given below.

URL SEO Method
On-Page SEO Unlimited Guideline in 2021 14

The photo you see above. It has two URLs. In which the keyword is used in the first URL. And the URL is too short.

But in the second one word is used with the keyword.

So it’s a little bit. So we just have to put keywords in our URL. And the shorter the keyword, the better it will work, take care of it well. Write as many new posts as you can.

Unique Content Optimization

Write unique content optimization posts in any keyword. But the content you are putting in it. That thing is the most important.

Our content should be unique. Try adding something new.

Whether you are putting related to blogging. are related to health. Or another thing the content should be of high quality.

High quality means – new which has not yet been written in Google. And the content which is less in Google and not more.

Could be something new:

A new tactic or strategy.

An improved list of curated resources.

Robust design and UX.

New case study.

Streamlined step-by-step process.

Note: when you are writing a post. Then enter all these things code. So that the post looks unique and it is easy for people to read and they get quality. And Google algorithms also got to explore the new.

Follow these steps to create the post from start to finish.

There should be a title.

Title details should be there.

Must be a featured image.

Keywords must be used.

Must have a description.

Must be a paragraph.

There should be a heading.

There should be a list.

The heading should have a related photo.

There should be internal and external links.

Must have high-quality unique content.

The content should be in easy language.

There should be a share button.
Must have author details.

The author link has to be there.

All these things are needed to write a high-quality post. After that, your post will be of high quality.

When you have finished the post. After that, you can check your post.

Going to the Google Snippet Tool that your post is. He may or may not come in the top rank of the first page of Google.

Google Structure Setup

When we write a new post, we should write the post according to the Google structure. We have to follow its policy rule to get our post verified from the google data structure.

What should the post be like? What should be the content of the post? What should be improved in it? That’s what it tells us.

When you have written your post completely, that go to Google data structure and check your post, search the full URL in it. So gives you complete information.

Now let me tell you. That’s how we have to check in Google Structure. As I will tell you by checking a URL.

Structure data check

As you see above photo. In that, I have put a URL in the Tools for Test Structure Data.

And then click on Run Test. So now it will start analyzing.

Analyzing process google structure data

Analyzing has started in the photo above. I Will analyzing it in a while.

And this tool will tell you. That’s your post. Whether it will show in the snippet in the first number of the first page

Page is Eligible for rich result

Like you see in the photo above. saying Page is eligible for rich results.

Meaning this URL that we searched is eligible to rank on the first page of Google and in the first number. So what have we updated in this?

And what does Google see? And after that, the eligible speaks. About it is given below. Understand it once. and apply in your post.

Advance On-Page SEO

Must also have knowledge about Advance On-Page Search Engine Optimization.

For this, we should have a concept about basic things.

In this, information has to be taken about website speed, image optimization, duplicate content, best internal links, keyword research, etc.

Advanced On-Page SEO Topics

Website Speed/ PageSpeed Insights

Check website speed. It also impacts on-page search engine optimization. If your website speed is low then visitors will not come to your website.

If your website does not open for a long time. So the visitors go to another website. So if you check the speed of the website, then you can see below.

If you check the speed of my website and both of these if you check the speed of your website. Then you will get complete information.

website speed test result
On-Page SEO Unlimited Guideline in 2021 15
website speed test full lorded
On-Page SEO Unlimited Guideline in 2021 16

GT Metrix: Using this you can check the speed of your website.

Like if I checked the speed of my website above, then my website is opening in 0.7 seconds, in the same way, you can also check your website.

According to Google, our website should open under 6s. Because if it does not open within so many seconds, then the visitor goes to another website.

Image Alt Text

Do not forget to give Alt Text in the image, this makes it easy to do search optimization about the image. If the photo is removed or deleted from your website. So his text remains. So that you can put a photo there later with the same name, so whatever photo you use in the post of your website. And don’t forget to pay taxes.

FAQ (Question & Answer)

Frequently Asked Questions

Please put the frequently asked questions in the post. The post I wrote. Find out the related question answer from it. And update in post. This gives extra information about the post. And also it helps in post rank. There may be a post related to this. See below once where both the question and answer have been updated.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO means. This thing is done inside the webpage to optimize the web page in the search engine. Google or whatever search engine is there to do this. Its factor is used. With the help of this, we can rank video content in search engines.

Is it necessary to do On-Page SEO?

It was not necessary to do On-Page SEO earlier. But it is necessary now. Because earlier the competition was not much. The content was also less in Google but now the content is too much. And duplicate content even more so that’s why Google brings the same content forward. Which has quality. If it is available and people like it, then it is very important to do search engine optimization.


The conclusion is also necessary. Because whatever we have written in the post. I have to tell you about it at the end. What information have we given in this? With this is today’s post. In this, it has been told about on-page search engine optimization. that how this can be done. It has lots of information. Which is given in the company manner in the post. It will be updated in the future and all the information may be suitable for you. Thank you

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