Most Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid New Blogger in 2022

Most Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid New Blogger in 2021

Most Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid New Blogger in 2021. Top 5 Understandable Mistakes For Latest Blogger.

Hello, friends all of you are welcome. In today’s post, I will tell you. That if you build your website. So what mistakes do you make while doing search engine optimization?

If we see, we do not understand the mistake. Because until we make a mistake. Till then we will not know this. That’s what we have done. We see more by mistake.

And it can prove very useful for us. People who are building websites. And they have to make a lot of mistakes while making.

If he is doing all the work himself then. Today I am going to give you all that information. Which new bloggers do not understand?

And keep making mistakes. I too made a lot of mistakes that helped me to learn more.

But I want to share those mistakes with you people. So that you people do not have to give so much time as much time we have given to promote our website.

So let’s know. Something that we do not do. So we can do search engine optimization of our website in a short time.

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Most Common SEO Mistakes

1.Ignoring  Mobile SEO

Friends, if you do not make your website mobile-friendly, then the performance of your website will not be good.

And many bloggers who start new blogs. So they make this mistake. Because of which there is not much traffic on their website.

So that’s why you people should not ignore mobile SEO. Because in the current times, most internet is run by mobile.

If you want to check the mobile-friendly option of your website. Then you go here and click. And test whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.

If you want to solve it. So you have to use mobile-friendly themes on your website.

Need to increase the speed of your website. If you are using WordPress for this Then you remove the unwanted plugin. Keep only the plugins that are regularly used, such as navigation appear well in mobile.

In the same way, you have to make navigation of your website. Your content. Do not keep it too close, click on the button that clicks well. Design a theme like that.

How to do mobile SEO

  • Update mobile SEO friendly theme
  • Speed up website
  • Remove unwanted plugin
  • Reduce post image size
  • Check your website by going to mobile-friendly tools

2.Internal Link and External Link

This is the biggest mistake a new blogger makes. That whenever he writes the post. So it does not provide an internal link.

If it gives, then the external link gives too much. So if the post is written. So external links should be given a maximum of two or three.

But the internal link must be at least 5 and 6. What happens with this Whenever Google’s algorithm checks our posts. So it becomes easier to crawl.

With the help of internal links, the visitor who comes to one of our websites. He goes to another website. And our website ranking increases well.

And with this, the visitor who comes in the post of our website. He stays for a long time.

2.Bad article

Whenever the article is written. Our blog is written. So it should be written correctly.

Whatever content is with it. It should not be copyrighted. But it happens. Whenever a new blogger comes.

So he does not understand many things. It starts copyrighting. Due to which the search engine optimization of the website worsens.

But it does its ranking. And sometimes his post cannot be of any use. If 90% of the 100 is copyrighted content.

So Google never ranks the first page within the first page the second page. So whenever a post is written, write a high-quality post only.

3.Ignoring Basic SEO

New bloggers definitely make this mistake. It is the biggest mistake that basic search engines do not pay attention to optimization.

Because until you understand about basic things. Until then you cannot rank your website. Website posts cannot be ranked. If you started blogging from where.

Will go there and see. Then you will get complete information about it. What was previously done for search engine optimization?

This will give you a lot of knowledge. Let me tell you some steps below to rank your website. Which you must use for your website.

4. Using old SEO tricks

It is said that times are changing. So change yourself with time, do not use old things in your hands like that. Old bloggers have abandoned old-time search engine optimization.

But as many new bloggers are there, they are adopting the tricks of the old search engine optimization. Due to this, he is not able to succeed in his career. So all the old tricks are there.

Use new tricks except them but these are all new tricks. It may take us more time than using them. So let’s know. What are those tricks? Which new bloggers are adopting.

5. Use Multiple Title Post

This is the biggest mistake. That can make a lot of posts in the name of a title. Because of which Google understands. That is the blog of which.

That person is not more focused than his blog. He is not just trying to convince people.

What happens in multiple titles. That is when we give that title in a post. Slightly reshuffling the same title and re-writing the post. Which does not like Google’s algorithms at all.

That two or three posts related to the same title in the same website, so that our website is very. If there is a more negative impact, then this is the biggest mistake that new bloggers make.

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Friends, you should keep these 5 Most Common SEO Mistakes mentioned above in your mind that we do not have to make this mistake.

Otherwise, your blog will never be able to move forward. Why do you think big bloggers are so famous?

Because he takes care of all these things. And learn advanced things. And don’t ignore basic things. Which brings a lot of traffic to their blog. He is trying to make his work perfect in every way.

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