Mistakes That Occur After Receiving AdSense Approval For Beginners in 2021

Mistakes That Occur After Receiving AdSense Approval For Beginners in 2021

Mistakes That Occur After Receiving AdSense Approval For Beginners in 2021

Friends, all of you are welcome. In today’s post, I am going to tell you. Initially, we make mistakes after AdSense’s approval. The first thing to know about him is that if you are a blogger.

So you will definitely try to take the approval of AdSense on your website. But in this post, I will tell you what you have to do with your website before giving AdSense approval. What are the decisions you have to take after taking approval?

Because if you miss any method with AdSense. So your AdSense account will be rejected. And there will never be another AdSense approval for your website.

So to remove these mistakes, you have to read this post in its entirety. You will be given full information here. The mistake you do not have to make. Will be told about that. So let’s move the post forward. And know it well.

These things should be done before taking AdSense approval for blog website

  • You have to make your website look professional in a good way
  • Your website must have at least hundreds of posts.
  • Every post on your website should have complete information.
  • You have to regularly update your website
  • Make your website authority the best
  • Do a search engine optimization of every post on your website

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Why am I telling you all about these

  • If your website does not have a professional look. So no one will stay longer on your website.
  • You have not written even 50 and 100 posts. So fewer visitors will come to your website each day.
  • If you have not given complete information in every post, then Google will not rank your post.
  • If you do not post regular updates on your website. So your website ranking will not increase.
  • If you want to increase the authority of your website. So you have to give internal links and external links in every post on your website properly.

What Factors Use To Approve AdSense Websites

Google Adsense team checks all these things to make our website Adsense approval. After that, give approval.

  • Your website must have at least 50 posts
  • All the posts should be combined to contain more than 20,000 words.
  • There should not be copyright in all the posts.
  • There is a section somewhere in the layout of the blog that is missing but is not visible even then the approval is not found.
  • The menus that are in the blog should not be empty inside the category pages.
  • You do not have to work against Google’s policy
  • Website must be updated regularly before taking approval
  • There should be a page about the abuses contact private policy term and condition

There are all the topics mentioned above, understand them and it is important to have all of them on your website. Otherwise, Google AdSense did not see the approval.

What is the mistake after taking approval of google AdSense

Friends, all those who take the approval of block Google AdSense. Then the biggest problem comes after that.

How do we put our ads in our blog from our Google AdSense account? Why apply? When to apply? How much advertising to do? How much will benefit after applying?

What New Bloggers Do After AdSense Account Approval. Which they should not do.

Mistakes That Occur After Receiving AdSense

  • Put more than 3 advertisements in each post. And the entire post is filled with advertising.
  • Viewing Google AdSense account day by day. That is how much earning has happened.
  • Share the link to the advertisement in a direct social media account.
  • Telling your friends that click on my website’s advertisement
  • Click on the advertisement from the same IP address from which the IP address is created.

So friends make a lot of mistakes like this. This should not be done, and this is why the AdSense account is closed. Is never made again. And it becomes very difficult to prepare another AdSense account

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When to advertise on website after AdSense approval

Many bloggers take the approval of AdSense by updating 40 50 posts on their website simultaneously and following Google’s policy.

But their website does not have visitors. So if those people put advertising on their website. Even then their income is low. For this, they have to follow the steps given below.

Do not apply for advertisement until good traffic is received on the website. Try to get maximum traffic to your website.
Try to update from high-quality article hundred to 500 on the website.
When people know about your website. So there will be more traffic on your website, after that you can put an advertisement.

Friends, if you like this post. So do share with your friends. So that they also get information about Google AdSense.

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