Magical Thinking: Development and Applications in 2023

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Magical Thinking How magic and science work together to benefit modern life

Magical Thinking: Development and Applications in 2023

The course exposes you to magical thinking, a recently emerging area of human psychology that I have dedicated more than 30 years of my research to.

I’ll define magical thinking and describe how it works in both adults and children. I will then go on to demonstrate how magical thinking may be utilized to enhance cognitive functions (such as imaginative

thinking, perception, and memory), as well as how strong people and organizations can use magical thinking for mind control in order to obtain political or financial advantages.

I’ll look at how cultural and emotional factors impact magical thinking to wrap up the course.

The course is divided into four sections, each of which has 12 lectures and an introductory lecture.

The lectures contain the author’s writing, as well as graphs, photos, and videos of the author using magical objects on youngsters. Each lecture is supported with citations to works by pertinent authors.

The course is intended for a wide spectrum of learners, including those interested in learning more about the unexplored areas of the human mind as well as social science students, writers, artists, and experts on psychological aspects of communication, politics, economics, and education.

What you’ll discover

Learn about magical thinking, how it manifests in kids and adults, and how it may be applied to a variety of learning and communication contexts.

Exist any prerequisites or course requirements?

No specialized knowledge is necessary, but some basic understanding of psychology may be beneficial.

This course is intended for everyone interested in learning about how the mind functions, including parents, artists, magicians, authors, and social science students.

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