AdSense Rejection – Low-Value Content Solution- What to do- 100% Golden Solution Tips & Trick in 2021

AdSense Rejection - Low-Value Content Solution- What to do- 100% Golden Solution Tips & Trick in 2021

Low-Value Content Solution: Hello, friends welcome to all of you. In today’s post, I am going to give you information. That is when we send our website in review for Google Adsense. So if monetization is not happening again and again on our website. And we are getting the same message.

What is the solution for low-value content? You will get a lot of information about this. But today’s post. In this, I will tell you the best ways. By solving which I have got Adsense approval for my website.

I have a website. In which I was sent 10th times to get Adsense approval but every time the mail of ‘Low-Value Content’ kept coming to me. But when I sent for approval another 11th time, I got approval in 2 days. So what did not happen 10 times, how did it happen 11th times?

And what I didn’t do on my website while sending in those 10th times. Which I did before sending 11th time.

The team has reviewed it but unfortunately, your site isn’t ready to show ads at this time. There are some issues that need fixing before your site is ready to show ads.

Low-Value Content Solution

This is what you see written above in red color. Not everyone wants to see this. But when we send our website for approval for Adsense.

So this is what we get to read in e-mails. After that, we get a little trouble in our minds. So to overcome this problem, I will tell you the best solution in this post.

We do not watch the video above. But we need to see this. Whenever we face some problem in our website. So after that, we start looking for its solution in Google. Or on youtube but if you change the way to find its solution.

So you will get quick access. Now, whenever there is a problem with your Google Adsense approval. So don’t watch videos on youtube. You subscribe to the channel of Google Adsense. And watch the video given in it and at the same time pay attention to its policy in a good way.

Meet all these requirements before sending them for approval.

  • Allow the website to be 1 month old
  • Complete Website Customization
  • Never send website for review in construction mode
  • Make sure to create a page of about, private policy, term and condition, contact.
  • Keep the header on the footer side inside the website.
  • Make a menu on the website and put a category in it

Pay attention to these things. If not all of these will be used on your website. So your Adsense will not be approved. But the email of low-value content will not come in it and problems may arise. So we are talking about the Main Topic Low-Value Content in this post. So now let me tell you about that.

Golden requirement and solution of low value content

No1-There should be no copyright content on your website.

No2-Add Your Website to Google Search Console and Check All Posts

No3-Keep website theme responsive and speed up

No4-Remove Broken Links from Your Website Posts

No5-Update new posts regularly on the website

No6-Keep the length of all the posts on the website the same

That’s all you have to do. What I told you above. You check all these thoroughly. And then apply. But now how to check all these. I will also give information about that. You can easily implement all these.


First of all, the post you are making. Try writing it yourself. And with this, you also need to check your written post. That the copyright content in it is not more than four and five percent. So for that, you use this website. And check your written content here.

Check Copyright Content:


It is very important to put it in Google Search Console. Add your website to Google Search Console. And update the side map and robot txt file in your website. For that, you can use the SEO plugin. For this go to the source given below.

Google Search Console:

SEO Plugin:


Now you have to check the theme and speed of your website. Google has a website to check the speed of the website. from where you can. And talking about its theme, now which team will you use in your website.

You will find the source below about that too. Due to which your website will get a hundred percent approval. That is the newspaper theme. You can use any news theme. But if you want to use my mentioned theme. So download it from below.

Site Speed Checker on Google:

GT Matrix:

Best Free Theme For Adsense Approval:


It is very important to check broken links. If a post on your website will also have a broken link. And everything will be perfect. Even then Google Adsense will reject your application. So before sending for Adsense approval, remove all the broken links of your website. For that, you can use the below-given login.

Best Broken Link Checker:


Before sending approval, you should update more than 50 posts on your website. And keep doing it regularly. With this, when you will send the application for review.

So before that for 30 days you have to regularly update the post on your website. So that when there will be a review. So there your post will be visible every single day. And this can be a plus point for your website.


Keep the post length of 800 words or write your post complete with 1000 words. If you are making 2000 posts. But still, your post is not complete. So in this case your website will not perform well. And if you are making a post of 800 words.

And you have written a complete post. In which the user will get complete information. So this can also be a plus point for your website. To get google AdSense approval.

Frequently asked questions

Will low-value content get rejected for Adsense approval?

A hundred percent will be there if you use all the methods mentioned by me. And then send it for approval, then it will be hundred percent. You just have to pay attention to it. That your website should not be under construction. Posts must not be copyrighted. The theme should be user-friendly. And the post should not contain broken links. Then your website will be approved.

Final Note:

If you think so. that my method is wrong. So do comment. If after doing all these your website gets approved. So do let us know by commenting. So that we will keep bringing such information to you.

This will give you Hundred Percent Approval. You just have to work hard. And to build your website well. And always pay attention to this. There should be no mistake in anything.

Because before taking approval on my website, I corrected the mistakes I made and then corrected the same mistake and took the approval. And I am giving you information.

I try myself first. Only after that, I try to provide you with some information. Thanks also share this post with your friends. If you are benefiting from it.

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