WordPress Theme & Plugin Development Video Course Tutorial in 2022 (Updated)

WordPress Theme & Plugin Development Video Course Tutorial in 2021

In the first course, I had already told you about website development. And how to make a website with the same in WordPress. I have given you a course about WordPress Theme & Plugin Development. But in today’s course, I will show you how to develop WordPress themes and plugins.

Going to update the course about that. Simultaneously I will also give you some information about the plugin and theme. After that what is the course-related? I will tell you about it. Let’s move the course forward without delay. In this course, you will be told how to develop WordPress themes and plugins, how to do it.

What is a WordPress theme?

If you are a website developer. Then you will be aware of it. But if you do not. Then it is a type of design. Which is used for the website. In recent times, WordPress is very popular. So there is a combination of themes and plugins in it. A theme is a design of your website that helps make the website look beautiful. The theme is very important for WordPress.

We can call it the folder of WordPress. The design of WordPress controls this. Template file image CSS coding HTML coding javascript file inside it. Is made up of a combination of. So far, the top popular theme in WordPress is Astra, OceanWP, StudioPress, Avada, etc.

What is a WordPress plugin?

The plugin is a type of software. For example, applications are used to run programs on computers and mobiles. Similarly, various types of applications to control WordPress websites are called plugins. It is easy to control a WordPress website through a plugin.

As of now, I am placing some of the popular plugins in WordPress as an example here, such as Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, Classic Editor, Akismet Spam Protection, Elementor, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Really Simple SSL, UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin, etc.

There is more plugin in the same way. But this is something very popular. Therefore, I have kept them here as examples.

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WordPress Theme & Plugin Development Course Detail

Now let’s turn to the course. What are you going to learn in this course? What is the requirement of this course? And what has been said to teach what in this course.

This is explained in this course of WordPress themes and plugin development. With the help of that course, if you are working on the project.

So this course is very important for you. With this, thousands of people have learned this course. If you want to do theme development. So it is considered to be the best course for him.

Here you can understand the file template, tag it in a good way. With its help, you can handle big projects. Before starting this course you need to have a little understanding of HTML and CSS. Because here you will be taught how to develop themes and plugins.

The teacher who created this course will show you how to do theme and plugin development with your experience. Along with that, you will be given projects as assignments.

Understand what you will learn in this course.

  • How to work inside PHP for WordPress
  • Ways to work with JavaScript and CSS inside the theme
  • Will be told how to work with the program
  • How you can develop your WordPress theme and plugin for yourself
  • Common practice for the WordPress plugin will be described by

What are the requirements of this course?

  • Basic HTML knowledge is required.
  • Must have knowledge about basic CSS.
  • There should be information on how to work in WordPress posts, pages, and custom content areas.

What is this course designed for?

  • This is the course for anyone who wants to create a WordPress theme.
  • For the person who wants to develop the plugin
  • Who has knowledge of HTML and CSS and wants to do WordPress customization.
  • For what you want to learn from within, complete WordPress development
  • Those who want to learn WordPress development courses in jobs and careers. Wants to do more.

What are the contents of this Course?

I wish you all the contents of this course. Those who will study from the beginning to the last. I am giving their list below. See them once, read and understand them.

  • Get ready to do WordPress themes and plugin development.
  • Complete information about PHP inside WordPress.
  • Full knowledge of plugin development.
  • Complete knowledge of child and starter themes.
  • Complete information about template tags.

I have given all the content above. He is just short. There is more content inside it. That will be taught to you. This course is full of 16 hours. In which you will be given all the information. And with this, you can watch this course on both your mobile and TV

. So far, 14 to 15000 students have bought this course. So without delay, you can download this course quickly. And develop your own WordPress plugin and theme.

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