Learn WordPress SEO Free Udemy Video Course Tutorial For Free

Learn WordPress SEO Free Udemy  Video Course Tutorial For Free

We all know about WordPress. So today I thought of making a post about Learn WordPress SEO and along with that, I will also provide you some information about it. And in the final, you can also get related video tutorials from this course.

Hello, Friends Welcome to this post on the Free Course Web. Because whoever is reading this post. Today he will get full knowledge of WordPress search engine optimization. And before talking about the course with this, let me tell you what is the search engine optimization of WordPress. And how do you? I want to tell you before that.

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What is WordPress Search Engine Optimization in Common Language?

Whenever we build our website in WordPress. Then we have to rank the website in Google. For that, we have to make some settings changes in WordPress. And it has to download plugins for search engine optimization. Then we can rank our WordPress website on Google.

With this, I tell you by making a list now. What do we have to change option? So that we can do search engine optimization of our WordPress site.

What I have been told in the course now without delay. I am going to tell you about it.

Short course description

Friends, through this course you can rank your WordPress website on Google. For this, what kind of theme you have to use for your WordPress website. What plugins do you have to install? And among them, which is the best plugin for search engine optimization.

You will get complete information about it in this course. This course is a package. Which will provide you complete information about the search engine optimization of WordPress. The course has as much information as possible. You will get through the tutorial.

What you will learn in this course

  • Rank your WordPress website.
  • Prepare the page and post.
  • Set up via Yoast plugin.
  • Write a post.

Processes After Installing New WordPress Website

  • The website has to be logged in first.
  • All themes have to be un-installed and new themes installed.
  • Top 10 plugins to be installed.
  • One has to change the settings of the permalink by going to Settings.
  • Themes have to be customized.
  • The search engine optimization plugin has to be downloaded.
  • Setting correctly.
  • Tag and description have to be created for the website.
  • The website has a sitemap.

What are the requirements of the course?

  • A WordPress website.
  • Have an internet connection.
  • Learning desire.

There is no need to tell you much about the course. And all the information remains. They will be found inside all the video tutorials.

The rest, you can read the course content properly once and understand what you can learn in this course. After learning this course, you can do search engine optimization of your WordPress website.

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If you like this course. So do share with your friends. So that they too must have built their website in WordPress. And he could do search engine optimization of his WordPress website properly and get the first rank in Google.

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