Learn Basic SEO Complete Information For Beginners in 2021

Learn Basic SEO Complete Information For Beginners in 2021

Learn Basic SEO Complete Information For Beginners in 2021 For Website Learning & Teaching

Hello friends all of you are welcome. In this post today, I will tell you. Regarding search engine optimization, what is the reason for doing search engine optimization.

What can we do through it? And to do this, who should do the basic and advance first.

Basic information I will tell for those people. Those who want to make a website. And making.

But everything cannot be done only by creating a website. We will make a website. But it is a bit difficult to put it in the first rank in Google.

So today I will tell you many ways. Which to use. After putting your website on the Internet. It means that when your website comes on the Internet.

So after that you have to use these methods. And increase the ranking of your website.

Initially, your website’s ranking is not so high, but by doing you slowly, we will take the help of these methods and try to get your website in rank within 10 to 15 days.

So let’s know which ones we have to raise. And what things to take care of. And we have to avoid these things.

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Learn Basic SEO Tools used to perform search engine optimization

  • SEO Yoast(For WordPress)
  • The webmaster (Google Search Console)
  • Analytics (Google Analytics)
  • keywordtool.io (Google Keywords Finder Free+Pro)

1. SEO Yoast

We can use this plugin only in WordPress. If you are building a website in WordPress. That you have made.

So you must be using this plugin. But I will ask you to use this plugin.

But you have to use this plugin systematically. Because whenever you write a post.

Until that time, your post is redeemable and SEO goes green. Until then, you should not publish your post. Put maximum 1000 words in your post.

Plugin: Here

2. Google Search Console

If you have started posting posts in your website. With that, you will also have to have your post indexed.

For this, you have to go to Google Webmaster and add your website. Not only this, as much as you have search engines. Go into it and add your website.

3.Google Analytics

Whenever traffic comes to the website. Where does that traffic come from? How long does it last For that, you have to take help of Google Analytics.

You have to put your website in Google Analytics. And from there you want to see as much overview of your website. can see.

Like who is coming from your website. How long is it coming Which country is coming from?

You will get all the information from there.

And from there you will be able to understand about search engine optimization about your website.
That how to do you. What mistakes have been made, how to correct them.

4.keyword tool

Whenever we write a post. Or find keywords for your website. So it is the best keyboard tools for that.

With its help, you can find that long-tail. And you can put it in your website. With the help of which your website will be ranked quickly.

And whenever you write a post. So you should insert long-tail keyboard only because long-tail keyboards rank quickly in Google.

And there will be quick search engine optimization of your website.

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Learn Basic SEO On-Page SEO Tips

  • After creating the website, insert the description and keywords for the website in the header tag.
  • Put more and more tags in the post you have written and also add keywords inside the post.
  • Keep in mind the speed of the website and do not let it get reduced
  • Make a time to update regular posts
  • All the search engines have their website in them
  • Whenever you write a post, it should contain at least 1000 words.

Learn Basic SEO Off-Page SEO

Create your account on at least 10 social media websites and share your posts on them, but do not give the direct link to the post

Make a website account in Facebook Instagram Twitter Telegram But Create Pages & Group on Facebook and Telegram

Create your account in the best website in book marking website and share the post but do not give direct link

Create a blog related to your website in as many free websites as possible. And also share your man website post among them

Describe all the ways above. All those methods will provide you high quality backlinks for your website.

Some topics with which you can write high-quality posts

  • International Business
  • On Government Related Topic
  • Education Related Topic
  • Digital Marketing Related Topic
  • Insurance Related Topic

You can get more than this within the Friends Basic Information. But I had information to give. That much I told you.

With this, for the new posts coming to you. More advanced information will be provided.

But you will not get a video course in it. you will be given information only through content. If you like this post. So do share with your friends.

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