How to Earn Money From Google AdSense?

How to Earn Money From Google AdSense?

How to Earn Money From Google Adsense: Hello, friends welcome to all of you. In this post of yours, we will know how to earn money from Google Adsense. If you haven’t got enough information about it.

So today I will give and tell you in detail about it. that is what we have to do. So that we can make money through this, then let’s move the post forward.

What is Adsense?

Adsense is an ad network. Which is a product of Google. It is the most popular ad network in the world. Through which money can be earned.

And can also promote any product, company, service. There are two categories for this.

Promotion is done through advertiser and publisher advertisements. Money is earned through publishers.

Note: If you want to earn money. So you have to link to its publisher account. And then you have to create your account.

Adsense Website:

More than 2 million people are earning money from Adsense. Because if we have our own website. So we can put its advertisement on our website.

And all its advertisements are visible on all mobile computers and tablets and it also saves time.

How to Earn Money From Google Adsense

If you want to earn money through this. So you have to create a website first. You need a domain and hosting to build a website.

After that, you will create your website. Then you can apply for Adsense, keep these things in mind before applying.

  • Must own website
  • Should have high-level domain
  • Should have high-quality content
  • Should not have copyright at all
  • Must Website must be 3 months old
  • The website should be updated regularly

Read all these before applying

AdSense Program policies

Google Publisher Policies

How much you could Earn from AdSense

How much money can you make with Adsense? For that, first of all, analyze your website, in which category your website is made.

So you will get an idea of how much money you can make monthly from your website.

Below are some categories on the basis of Asia countries. How much money can you make every single month according to those categories? get his information. (According to Google Adsense)

Autos & Vehicles $6,378 Every Year

Arts & Entertainment $3,480 Every Year

Business & Industrial: $8,718 Every Year

Computers & Electronics $6,336 Every Year

Finance: $15,012 Every Year

Similarly, you can check other categories. For that, you visit its website and get information from there. Whatever amount is in dollars. For this, your website should have only 50,000 page views every 1 month. If there are more than that. So you can make more money.

What are the benefits of Google Adsense

  • You can make very good money through advertisement
  • Can get more paid advertisements
  • Shows ads based on your website’s audience
  • Google Adsense ads showing by country targeting
  • Advertisements are under your control, you can customize them
  • After entering its unique code in the website, advertisements are automatically placed in the right place.

What is the process to join

Joining it is very easy, you just have to go through 3 steps. And if you have to enter your information, then let’s know what steps we have to go through.

A Google Account

First of all, you must have a Google account. Which we call Gmail account. Because unless you have your Gmail account.

Till then you cannot use Google’s service. Gmail contains our personal information. Which Google access gives us as a key to run our product.

Phone number and postal address

In the second number, we have our mobile number and postal address. We have to keep it so that Google would have correct information about our mobile number and address when it sends us the payment.

So he sends money to the bank based on the message and address in the mobile number.

Connect your site to AdSense

As I told you earlier. We need to have a website to connect to it. If you have created a website.

So you can now connect your website with Google Adsense by following this step. And start making money.

Get Start Now

Google ad format Information

Text Ads Format

How to Earn Money From Google AdSense? 6


How to Earn Money From Google AdSense? 7

App promotion ads

How to Earn Money From Google AdSense? 8

Video Ads

How to Earn Money From Google AdSense? 9

Product Shopping ads

How to Earn Money From Google AdSense? 10

Above are the types of ads for Google Adsense. that appear on your website. You can put them on your website. But until your website is approved by Google Adsense.

Till then you cannot install, then first of all you have to get the approval of your website according to Google’s policy. After that, you can put advertisements.

Frequently asked questions

Is Adsense real?

Yes, you can earn online through Adsense. It’s absolutely real. If you are confused about this. So you can analyze it.

How can I earn more money through this?

If you target it in a big country, then you can earn more than this. Like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

Creating a website in which category earns more than Adsense

If you prepare a website in the categories of Real Estate, Finance, Job, Money, etc. So you can earn more money from here. But for this, good visitors should come to your website.


Friends, you must have liked this post. If you haven’t created a website yet. So only after that, you can earn Lifetime money through it.

How is this a part-time job? Which you can work according to your own by giving regular little time.

Who does not know about this? Do share this post with him. And also give your information in a good way. Thank you.

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