How To Create Successful YouTube Gaming Channel Zero to Hero (Old Course)

How To Create Successful YouTube Gaming Channel Zero to Hero (Old Course)

I welcome you all to today’s course. This course is old. But if you want to create a gaming channel on YouTube. So this course is best for him. Through this course, you can create your own YouTube channel. And that channel belongs to gaming. So you must learn this course.

With the help of this course, you can create a successful gaming channel in a short time. In this course, how will you record the game while creating a game on a YouTube channel? How to edit And in what way will we promote? You will give full information about it in this post.

And the tutorials that will provide you in the final. In it, you can sit in your home and read the entire knowledge offline on your computer. You can learn.

There is a small description of the course, which you must read once.

Described in the course description. How you will make the video. Will publish it. And how can you make your channel popular? Your YouTube videos and it will be told that you will be your gaming channel in your channel. In which way can you increase subscribers.

And how can you bring a view to it? You can also call this course an advanced course. But more basic things have been put in it. And whenever you make a video. About gaming, in which way you have been given complete information about audio in which way you will be chatting.

In this section, you will get to learn something new in every section. How to create YouTube content. Full information will be given. This entire course is for 3 hours. You can also watch this course on your mobile computer and TV screen.

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What is this course designed for

Who wants to play the game live
Who wants to create YouTube channel content
For those who create a new channel
Whose subscribers are zero and views are also zero?
Who wants to be on YouTube from Zero to Hero?

What you can learn in this course

  • You can create new content for your YouTube channel.
  • You can learn about how to do general video editing.
  • How to insert keyboard, description, title, and meta tag in YouTube channel’s video. You can get information about it.
  • You can learn how to do search engine optimization of your YouTube channel.
  • Techniques of how to connect audiences to your YouTube channel
  • Through which you can promote your video. What can be the basic information of video content.

What is the Best Requirement of this Course?

  • You must know youtube channel well
  • Be the best video editing (open source) software.
  • Must have basic knowledge of editing videos.

How many are the course contents and which are

  • Initially this course will be described as an intro
  • Open source screen capture software
  • Open source audio recording software
  • How to edit youtube video
  • Channel setting process to create an account
  • Process to update posts and videos in YouTube
  • Frequency Ask Question Demo

I hope Friends, you must have liked this post. And you will also like the course. Because here you have been given complete information about how you can create a gaming channel in your YouTube channel.

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