How to Concentration and Focus with Free Video Course in 2022

How to Concentration and Focus: Apply Dr. Cal Newport’s Deep Work methodology to Get Stuff Done

How to Concentration and Focus with Free Video Course in 2022

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How to Concentration and Focus

Familiarity with “Deep Work” is a plus.

Think about it: what is one specific area of your work or personal life that would benefit from you being more productive?


Everybody wants to get more done, but we go about it the wrong way.

We think getting more done requires more time. We will put in 80 hours of work a week, getting an abysmal return on investment for the last 20 – 30 hours. We can’t elbow grease our way through problems by throwing time at them.

We don’t need more time to work. We need to change how we work.

This class, based on Dr. Cal Newport’s Deep Work principles, provides the concepts to do just that. 

Deep Work is all about cutting out the superfluous, unnecessary tasks in our professional and personal life. It will help you focus on the things you do that provide the most value – to the market, and to your own life.

This is a short primer course with the videos you need to get the basics and follow-up resources if you are curiously exploring this deeper.

Don’t waste your life working. Work smarter, and provide more value to the world, with Deep Work.

Who this course is for:

College students

Young professionals

Anyone who feels overworked and underproductive.

What you will learn

Understand the concepts of Deep Work and how to apply it in your context.

Structure better habits for successful productivity (Christensen’s four aspects of discipline).

Course content


Deep Work vs. Shallow Work

Newport’s Four Styles of Deep Work

Newport’s Four Styles1 question

Christensen’s Four Aspects of Discipline

The Grand Gesture

The Perks of Laziness

[Bonus Content] Apply Deep Work to Learning New Skills

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