How to check a website’s SEO & Increase the SEO quality of your website For Free in 2021

How to check a website's SEO & Increase the SEO quality of your website For Free in 2021

Hello, friends all of you are welcome. In which post I am telling you. What if search engine optimization is to see your website. So how should you look?

With this, I will give you some information. I checked my website. And I came to know that as many wrong effects are happening on my website.

I will improve it due to search engine optimization. And I also want to inform you about it. What you have to do about it

How to check a website’s SEO

How to check a website's SEO & Increase the SEO quality of your website For Free in 2021

Whatever you are seeing above it. So, my website has a search engine optimization score. Which is 73%. It shows data information, page quality, page structure, link structure, server, and external factor scores.

In this way, you can get information about search engine optimization of your website, so let’s go down now. Get more information. Here you will get information about all these things which I will mention below.

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We want to improve search engine optimization on our website. Will tell you about that. Will give information about meta specification.

  • In which the title
  • Meta description
  • Crawl ability
  • Canonical URL
  • The language
  • Alternative link
  • Meta tag
  • Domain
  • Page URL

Favicon is installed correctly. Whether or not to improve something in it. Will tell about it or not.

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With this, you will also get to know about the fast quality in your website, in which you will be able to understand about these things.

  • Content quality
  • Frames
  • Mobile optimization
  • Bold and strong tag
  • Image search engine optimization
  • Social networks
  • Additional route

With this, you will get more information with this website. In which you will be told how to improve search engine optimization. And see about the topic, below, I will mention more topics about it to you.

  • Get information about the media list
  • The structure that describes headings
  • What should the heading structure be like
  • What should the link structure be like
  • How many internal and external links are there on our website?
  • Information about server configuration
  • How much external factor is correct, how much problem is coming
  • Wikipedia has our gender or not
  • Robot text is working correctly or not
  • How much will the website’s popularity on Facebook tell?

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