Google AdSense Account Approval within One Week trick 2021

Google AdSense Account Approval within One Week trick 2022 Complete Step Under 10 Topic

Google AdSense Account Approval Within One Week Trick 2022

You are all welcome, friend. In today’s post, we are going to learn. How to take the approval of Google AdSense? About that, I am going to give you complete information today.

If you have also created a website. And you are trying to take Google AdSense approval in it. So through this post, you can be easy to take approval.

That’s why you read it completely. After which you will be able to easily take Google AdSense Approval on your website. Pursue the post and know.

Complete information about Google AdSense. Tips and Tricks to Take Approval

What is Google AdSense?

This is a website. Which is Google’s subdomain. Through this, we can apply for advertisement on our website and YouTube channel. With its help, we can earn income.

It is the largest advertisement supply company in the world. Which gives income to the publisher through CPC CPM etc. To apply it to our website and YouTube, we have to fulfill its requirements.

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Google AdSense Account Approval Tips and tricks for taking approval of Google AdSense

If we need to take Google AdSense approval for our website quickly. So we have as many topics as given below. Have to understand them well.

And to apply on your website. After that, we can take its approval very quickly. So let’s know. Which things we have to pay most attention to take approval.

1.Understanding the term and condition

Until we understand the term and conditions. Till then, we cannot make anything our own. Whenever we have to create an AdSense account. So we make it.

But there is some term and condition in it. Which we do not follow. So we do not get its approval. For this, you have to read its term and condition.

So that you can get it easy. With this, I try to expand some of the topics of the Torment condition below.

2.High Quality Unique Content

When we create our website. So we have to add high-quality unique content to our website. If we add copyrighted content to our website. So we will not get approval from him. For this, you create a blog post by yourself. In which you keep your sentence.

Do not copy and keep it. If you add high-quality content to your blog. So Google Adsense will approve your website quickly.

The topic below is going to come. In that, I give you a list of high-quality content. That is what one has to do to write high-quality content.

3. Make High Quality Post

Whenever you write a post in your blog. Then follow the sentence given below given by me. So you can write a high-quality post in your blog.

  • Posts should always be written from 1000 to 1500 words
  • Always try to insert long-tail keywords in the post
  • Do not keep the title of the post short.
  • The internal link must be at least 10
  • Do not place du follow link in external link
  • Always keep 5 to 10 images in the post
  • Keep the headings of 4 to 8 in the post
  • Do not put too long paragraphs while creating posts
  • Also, make a bullet list of three to four places in the post

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4. Do not create a blog in the topic below

Let me tell you some such topics below. On top of which you should not make a blog post. Because if we create a blog on top of these topics, then our blog is not approved.

  • Illegal content
  • Gaming content
  • Downloading content
  • Untrustable content

5.Speed up website

If the speed of your website is very down. Even then Google AdSense does not approve your website. For this, you have to increase the speed of your website.

For which you can use the light theme on your website. And you can increase the speed of the website by removing extra coding.

And most importantly, you have to buy hosting from a good hosting provider. Because the speed of the website is mostly dependent on your hosting provider and hosting.

6.Apply to Old Domains only

If you try to approve for AdSense in the new domain. So it may take you some time. Is because of the authority of the new domine. She is a little less.

That’s why Adsense tries to analyze your website too much. If your website is old then it gives quick approval. Your domain must be at least 6 months old. With which you are likely to get approval soon.

7.Pay attention to the layout of the website

Whenever you create a new website, what is the layout of your website? Keep it simple. If you keep the layout simple on your website, then getting AdSense approval becomes a bit faster.

Because through layout it shows how your website is. So whenever you mix the layout of the website, it should have your navigation bar in it.

There should be a sidebar. There should be a footer, with this the home page of the website should have only 5-6 post shows.

8.The website should have the following pages

If your website does not have this page. So your website will not get approval. Therefore, make all the pages given below for your website.

Because all these pages tell about your website. Make Google AdSense these pages in your website.

  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy policy
  • Term and condition
  • DMCA policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Sitemap

9.Take care of the language

If you write the language according to the AdSense policy on your website. Only then your Google Adsense account will be approved. And your website will be monetized.

Otherwise, Google Adsense will reject. So I give you the list of Google Adsense Support in Language below.

Which language do you support for the website by going from there? And supports AdSense. Must read his list once.

AdSense Supporting Language

10.Always keep website updated

This is what Google tells us. That if anyone builds a website. And keeps it updated. Only then the website performs well. Otherwise, there is no use in creating a website.

Suppose you wrote the post today. Not written for 1 month after that. So Google will not rank your website. And your website will not be good. So if you post a regular update in it. Only then your website can get approval.

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Frequency Ask Question (FAQ For AdSense)

1.In how many days does Google AdSense approve?

If you have fulfilled all the terms and conditions of Google. So Google will give you approval within 1 week, but sometimes it may take a little time due to the application being more, Google asks for 15 days time.

2.How to approve AdSense in 2021

I have explained all the ways above. Get them all done for your website. After that, no one can stop you from getting AdSense approval.

3.When to apply after AdSense rejects

When your AdSense account gets rejected. So first of all, you see what is the reason for that. Solve the cause. And send another application only after another 2 weeks after the e-mail of the project.

Which makes AdSense Specialists review your website again. And the requirement that you have completed. Let’s monetize it. Then give approval.

Friends, how did you like the google AdSense Account Approval post. If you don’t have an AdSense account yet. So you can manage your website in a better way and make high-quality content. Then your account will be approved soon

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