Free SEO Course Online: Organic Search & Keyword Research Video Tutorials in 2021

Free SEO Course Online: Organic Search & Keyword Research Video Tutorials in 2021

Free SEO Course Online: Organic Search & Keyword Research Video Tutorials in 2021

Hello, friends welcome to all of you. In which post I have brought for you today. With Organic Search & Keywords way we can create for our website.

So first of all let me tell you this. That this course is absolutely free. Here I am providing you the best course. In which you are going to get a total of 9 hours of video.

Free SEO Course Online

With this, here you will be able to know about some such techniques. With the help of which you can bring organic traffic to your website. And how to find out keywords. You are going to get information about that too.

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That first of all we discuss the discussion of this course

This has been told to you in the course description. Which is the easiest way to do search engine optimization. And with this, how can you create an audience here.

To sell your product on your website and with this, how can you bring a good audience organic traffic from Google.

You know about that too. So let me tell you already. You have to do your website. Information has been given about it. Not too big. There is only a 9-hour course. And here you will get the information.

Which you need then if you are studying this course. So that’s a good thing. With this, you take direct. In that also you will get complete information. So I want to tell you. What will you be taught in this course?

  • earn the best practices for SEO.
  • Integrate SEO techniques and marketing techniques.
  • Use content to target the right demographic profile at the right stage.
  • Understand how Google and Bing operate and what they require.
  • Master keyword research and understand the significance of using the right keyword
  • You learn how to optimize each aspect of your website – content, images, video, blogs …
  • How to deal with Google penalties.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for digital marketers looking for the best SEO practices


  • No technical knowledge is required.
  • You just need the desire to promote the website and bring more relevant visitors to your website.

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Course content information

  • Introduction
  • search engine optimization
  • What is this search engine optimization
  • ranking factor
  • Google guideline
  • bean guideline
  • best practice summary
  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
  • website introduction
  • Outside On-Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Content and Keywords
  • loading time
  • Advance Technical Image Optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization techniques

Friends, if your website is not getting organic traffic. With this, how to find out the keyboard for your website. You will also get information about that in this course.

If you want to get away from all these troubles. So you can take this course.

The best Free SEO Course Online is going to be provided to you absolutely free. So do share this post with your friends as well. If you like this post. FreeCourseWeb.Net

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