Create a WordPress Website In An Hour Free Udemy Course Tutorial

Create a WordPress Website In An Hour Free Udemy Tutorial Course

Create a WordPress Website In An Hour Free Udemy Tutorial Course. Build you website in WordPress For Both Method Manually & Shortcut.

Hello, friends welcome all of you. In this post today I am going to give it to you. A 1-hour course of WordPress site development, within which you can develop your WordPress website by watching videos. Before that, let me tell you this.

What is WordPress? And what are its features? And its import and along with it the benefits of this, I will tell you through this course. So, first of all, let me explain all these things. After that, I will tell you about the overview of the course. After that, you can learn it by enrolling it.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source website building software. And with the help of this, we can make our website. And can run on the internet. You can also call WordPress an application. Because with the help of this you can manage your website. You can take full control of it.

You can give it to yourself and anyone else. With this, if you want to put a post on your website. Or want to design a website. So you can do all those things very easily with the help of WordPress. Those who work on the Internet do website development. They all use it. Because it is very easy to manage the website with its help.

About the features of WordPress

Talk about the features of Word Press. So these are very similar features. Which if I tell, will become a very long list. But I only about some important features. Trying to tell you.

  • WordPress is an open-source software
  • It is used for website development
  • We can use it for free
  • Website design can be made with the help of this
  • With the help of this, we can control the website

What is the importance of WordPress

  • WordPress is free and provides freedom.
  • Easily customize WordPress
  • Also do SEO with the help of WordPress.
  • Can easily administer WordPress
  • WordPress provides absolute safety and security
  • With WordPress, we can manage all media options
  • You can also add social media

Why should we use WordPress

There can be only one important reason for using WordPress. It can be used very easily. With this, if the website is to be built quickly. So we use WordPress only. Because its interface is very easy. It does not require any coding. In addition to coding, which we can use. That is the plugin. And theme. Through these two we can design WordPress website in a good way.

What is Plugin?

Praveen is a variety of tools. Those who work in WordPress. They are made for WordPress only. These are of every type, such as search engine optimization, social media icons like Facebook have to be installed. So their help can be taken. Along with this we also use it to protect our WordPress website from theft.

What are Themes?

Whenever we install WordPress. After that we also have to install themes. Because we need themes to show our website well in WordPress. Which can be administered through WordPress. We can also design a vote press for this. Which we will show to the people.

Now we talk about the Video Course

How to install WordPress I am providing you a video course about this. If you too have created or are building your website. So you will definitely install WordPress in it, so let’s know. To install WordPress, I am going to tell you below in court. With that, you will write about him and what lesson, let us know.

By the end of the course you can install your WordPress website and ready your website. Everyone wants to earn money through the Internet. In today’s time, the most important lesson for him is that of the website. Because the number one source for making money from online is website development. Learn how to install WordPress from beginning to end. And here you will be able to know how we can lure our consumers towards us by using the themes of the way. With this, what kind of plugins can best be useful for your website.

Create a WordPress Website designed for

  • This course is designed for those who do not know how to install WordPress.
  • People who want to learn from WordPress starting
  • People who want to learn online WordPress course

What you will learn in this course

  • How to set up a server for WordPress
  • What is the best WordPress theme?
  • How to install a WordPress theme as a menu and shortcut method
  • Which are the best plugins among the top blogs?

What are the requirements of this course

  • There is an internet requirement to learn this course.
  • No knowledge of WordPress required
  • Must have knowledge of basic internet
  • Must have an understanding of layout

Now friends, you can enroll this course. And you can enjoy the video by sitting online and having fun. With this, if you like what you have in this post. So you must tell us by commenting. With this, if you find some deficiency weakness anywhere in the post. So you give us your feedback about it. We will definitely try to improve it. And you will try to run good articles and courses in this way. With this you will not forget to share these articles with your friends.

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