Business Intelligence analyst Free Video Course Tutorial 2022 (Updated)

Business Intelligence analyst Free Video Course Tutorial 2021

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in this post today. I am going to tell you how to do a business intelligence analyst and with this. I will provide you with a video which will be your business intelligence analyst advance course.

You must learn Business Intelligence analyst skills. with the help of this, you can do business online and block your business development online.

Let us now know something about the description of this course.

Friends, I will welcome you again after learning this course of Business Intelligence analyst, you will not have much trouble in doing business analysis & Marketing.

Through this course, you can face some situations of business intelligence. which will give you information about it from basic to advanced. This course is not only available for web access and online network. This course is also for those who are practically involved in the business.

Also Required Course:

The list of model schedule of this course is given below.

  • Data collection based on science
  • Collection of information based on Imagination
  • Structured Query Language
  • Structured Query Language + Tableau

With the help of this course. detailed information about various precise experiments of business intelligence is given.

Before learning anything about Business Intelligence. it is important to get information about SQL. It is also necessary to include it.

We are providing business intelligence esports for free. so that you get knowledge about business from home, although this course has to be bought by paying money.

but everyone cannot learn the scores of business intelligence analysts so, we can learn it by Providing you with can Course and learn it with offline video tutorials on your computer.

What you will learn through this course

  • Can solve various problems of SQL
  • Collect data to do business design
  • Get complete information about Matrix Report
  • Analyze quality and quantity
  • You can move forward with the activity of the future
  • Analyze what is happening in the present, what will be the effect in the future
  • Get good information about the database
  • Complete information on SQL, how to manage with database
  • Information about the top business analysis worldwide

What is this course designed for

  • For those who want to learn in business analysis advance
  • For those learning SQL and how to get started
  • To introduce programming in the digital world
  • For those who want to take full knowledge of SQL
  • To get employment opportunity in the IT sector
  • How Business Analyzes Work Around the World
  • For those who want to get involved in the business intelligence e-sector

What is the requirement to learn the course?

  • This course does not require old experience to learn
  • Basic to be taught in advance
  • All versions of Microsoft Excel required

Business Intelligence intelligence analysis.


  • Course overview
  • Course source

Introduction to Data & data science

  • Advanced Introduction to Data Science
  • machine learning
  • Data science analysis
  • Big Data
  • BI
  • Traditional Data


  • Disciplines


  • Modern data
  • Examination of traditional data
  • big data
  • Business Intelligence Technique
  • Traditional method machine learning
  • Type of machine learning
  • Machine learning exam


  • Programming Languages
  • Software Employed


  • Data Science
  • Job Positions


  • Minor misunderstanding

Part 2 of Business Intelligence Analyzes – Statistics 

  • Population vs sample


  • Types of Data
  • Levels of measurement
  • Categorical variables. Visualization Techniques
  • Numerical Variables – Frequency Distribution Table
  • Numerical Variables Exercise
  • The Histogram
  • Cross Table and Scatter Plot
  • Mean, Median, and Mode Exercise
  • Skewness Exercise
  • Variance Exercise
  • Standard Deviation and Coefficient of Variation Exercise
  • Correlation Coefficient Exercise

Hope you guys must have liked this post. Below you will find a video tutorial of this course, and install it on your computer or install it and when you feel like it, watch and learn Business Intelligence analyst For free.

You don’t even ask them to go and see the content of the post. if you like the content of the post while sitting at home, and share this course with your friends so, that they too know about Business Intelligence analysts. Go and love and set your career.

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Disclaimer: If the link given in this post is from a free tutorial. Which is taken from the website of If it violates any policy. So please contact. After that, we will remove the link.

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