Free Online Business Analytics and Intelligence Courses List in 2022

Free Online Business Analytics and Intelligence Courses List in 2022

Business Analytics and Intelligence Courses is a technology in which application different types of tools, web tools, etc. are prepared. With its help, the system is prepared.

And it works with the latest technology. Business Intelligence Analyze is used to analyze data. With the help of this hyper form, miss calls are made.

Business intelligence works on all business-related. For example, talk about the type of business analyst.

So it has the Descriptive Diagnostic Prescriptive type. This is called a process in common language. Which will analyze the activities happening in the business like business pattern access trends. And helps in taking decisions in the future.

Before working in this we need coding and programming. Because without programming and coding we cannot work in it.

Similar business intelligence is done in e-big companies and big organizations. There is a team here, within that team there are works in it.

And big projects are made which take years to complete. But once it is successful. Technology is created. So that technology is useful all over the world.

So we should have knowledge about basic and some methods to learn them, for this, there are some courses which you can join.

This is the most important course which is absolutely free. In this, you can take all the information through videos and learn anytime anywhere.

Business Analytics and Intelligence Courses

Ten Excel Features Every Analyst Should KnowLearn Power Business Intelligence Basics for Free
Master Data ManagementFundamentals Data Analysis & Decision Making Models – Theory
Introduction – Salesforce CPQBecome a Stronger and More Productive Business Analyst
Modern Data Visualization with Oracle Analytics CloudUnderstanding Data Quality and Reference Data Management
Planning for Data CollectionGetting Familiar with Minitab
Introduction – Salesforce Einstein AnalyticsIntroduction to Data Analysis for Government
Baseball Database Queries with SQL Acumen Presents: Prasad Setty of Google on People Analytics
Data Visualization with Excel – Crash CourseTableau | A Quick Start Guide
Google Sheets: Pivot Tables + Data Insights For Beginners!SQL for Data Analysis: Solving real-world problems with data
Complete Tableau 2021 Training for Absolute Beginners [FREE]Payment and Payment Fraud Curso: Aprender como hacer gráficos en Excel y Power BI
Augmented Data Visualization with Machine LearningData Scientist Certification Guide For Career Transition
Hands-on HR Analytics – Predict job offer drop out using RConceptual Foundations of PLS Path Modeling
Tableau | A Quick Start Guide Part 2Executive Data Storytelling
Pitch Location Charts with PITCHf/x and g-g-plotRevealed: Love Excel? Launch A Career In Financial Systems
Supercharge Your Business: your roadmap for success!Batting Location Charts with Vagrant and MySQL
Command Line Git Excel – Data Analysis for BusinessPCI Geomatics – Creating seamless mosaics from Air photos
Business Intelligence Development using Python 3MarkLogic NoSQL for Business
Create a Sales Dashboard in Google Data StudioBeginner’s Introduction to SQL and Databases
Scrum: A Concise IntroductionApplied Sentiment Analysis – Trading & Forecasting
Ultimate roulette systems analysis App (VRSEDGE App)Leading a Business Intelligence Project- 7 Steps for Success
Statistics Fundamentals (1/9) IntroductionAnimated SQL for Beginners Become an R Shiny Ninja
QlikView by Examples – Beginner course [Fast Track]Digital Analytics beyond the tools
Learn And Apply PESTLE AnalysisGetting Started Real QUICK with Power BI
Business acumen Data Visualization and Data StorytellingMotivBase Customer Training
How My Courses Can Build on Your Business AcumenIntroduction to Quantitative Methods

If you have read the courses given above, you have learned it. So there are some courses to be updated in this, which we will update gradually, although you must have got some information from these which is related to Basic Business Intelligence. With this, you can also share this post with your friends. So that they also get information. Thank you

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