Amazon Web Services Certified Free Video Course in 2021

Amazon Web Services Certified Free Video Course Download 2021

Hello friends, all of you are welcome again, in this post today I am going to tell you and, give you a course whose name you must have read. Whose name will be found with Amazon Web Service Certified Solution Free Video Tutorial?

Now I am going to tell you. you are going to learn in this course of AWS Certified Solution.

First, we will read the description of this course. After that, we will talk about what we are going to learn in the course. Let’s go ahead.

Small Description of Amazon Web Services Course

In the Amazon web service you will get the complete package. After reading that, you can cover up to 70 percent. Here you will find video tutorials. And with them, you will get quiz questions which you will be reading for the first time. In the course of AWS Solution Architecture. you will get to learn everything in Amazon Web Service. Through course, this course covers up to 70 percent of Amazon Web Services. After learning this course completely, you can get 60% profit for your business.

Course services

Friends, in this course you will get new concepts that you can understand about Amazon Web Services in a good way.

A practice test to get the award

After joining here, on the basis of the training that. you will be given to learning in AWS Amazon web service, at the end you can get a report by answering the questions here, which will help you for the test to take the exam.

Course Review

In this course, you will not only get the knowledge of Amazon Web Services, along with its sector working progress and which country will get the complete information about the highest profit and starting process in the course. which is not possible to tell all the things but video tutorials and What you get with PDF will be step by knowledge and a complete overview of the course.

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What will you learn in this course

Have a lecture of 28 hours

In these 28 hours, you will be taught the course exercises about how you can become Amazon Web Service Architecture.

Will be practiced

In this course, which is a difficult situation under the Amazon Web Services Exam. it will be told about it.

Questions of general knowledge

Total 90 questions of General Knowledge to increase knowledge related to this course. you will get to learn.

Before the exam

For the exam, you will be told everything that you need to know, rather than telling you a small thing.

Recent question answer

You will be told about some questions that students keep asking about. which is based on the recent examination.

Supporting Team

Supporters of Amazon Web Service will answer every single question. it is related to this course which everyone keeps asking.

What are the course requirements

  • Must have related knowledge of information technology
  • Knowledge of Amazon Web Services Cloud is not required
  • Amazon web service will be told to step by Step practice

What is this course designed for

  • EWS Certified is designed for people. who are eager to take the exam for the first time in Amazon Web Services.
  • This course has been made for those students. who is preparing to take the final exam of Amazon Web Services?
  • To learn Amazon Web Services, this course is designed to distribute complete knowledge about it.
  • For those who are pushing to learn the Amazon Web Services Cloud.

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Let us also read about the contents of this course.

Introduction Of Amazon Web Services:

  • Introduction
  • Exam Guide
  • Help and Support
  • instructor
  • Course

Getting Started:

  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Multi-Factor
  • AWS
  • Creating an AWS Account
  • Modifying
  • Setting
  • Root Account
  • Configure Password Policy
  • Infrastructure Overview
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Route 53 – Register Domain

Amazon Block and File Storage:

  • Introduction
  • EBS and EFS Overview
  • EBS Volume Types
  • Launch Instance with Multiple EBS Volumes
  • Attach the volume to running Instance
  • Create Volume from Snapshot in Another AZ
  • Working with AMIs
  • Working with Snapshots
  • EBS Copying Sharing and Encryption
  • Cleaning Up EBS
  • EBS Performance
  • Amazon EFS Overview
  • Create and mount the EFS File System
  • Amazon FSx for Windows File Server and Lustre
  • AWS Storage Gateway
  • Exam-Cram – Storage Gateway
  • Amazon EBS and EFS8 questions

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2):

  • Introduction
  • Elastic Compute Cloud Overview
  • New Console
  • Instance Hands-on
  • EC2 Instance
  • Security Group Lab
  • Instance Metadata
  • Instance User Data
  • Status Checks and Monitoring
  • Public-Private and Elastic IP
  • Private or Public IP Addresses
  • Elastic IP Addresses
  • Private Subnets
  • Connect from Windows
  • NAT Instances and NAT
  • Private Subnet with NAT
  • Private Subnet with NAT
  • EC2 Placement Groups
  • Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon S3 and CloudFront:

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • New Console
  • S3 Gateway
  • Identity-Based Policy
  • Resource-Based Policy
  • Cross Account Access
  • Access Control Lists
  • Tools for Access and Policy
  • Choosing Access Control
  • Multipart Upload
  • Query String
  • Transfer
  • Static Web
  • Versioning
  • Cross-Region Replication
  • Lifecycle Management
  • S3 Encryption
  • Event Notifications
  • Requester Pays
  • Server Access Logging
  • Object Lock
  • S3 Select and Glacier Select
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • CloudFront with Static
  • CloudFront with ALB and
  • Amazon S3 and CloudFront9

Amazon Route :

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • New Console Orientation
  • Hosted Zones
  • DNS Record Types
  • Setting up the Lab
  • Health Checks
  • Simple Routing Policy
  • All Routing Policy
  • Cleaning Up
  • Traffic Flow
  • AWS Route 53 Resolver
  • AWS Global Accelerator – Part 1/2
  • Exam-Cram

Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling:

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Elastic Load
  • Network Load
  • Application Load
  • Application Load
  • ASG Scaling
  • Launch Configurations
  • Auto Scaling Health Checks
  • Auto Scaling Termination
  • New Console Orientation
  • Cross-Zone Load Balancing
  • NLB Cross-Zone
  • ALB Cross-Zone
  • ELB Sticky Sessions
  • ALB Listeners and SSL TLS
  • Public ALB
  • Multi-tier Web Application
  • Proxy Protocol X-Forwarded
  • ALB/NLB Server Access
  • Elastic Load Balancing


  • Introduction
  • AWS ECS Overview
  • Setting up for the Labs
  • Manually Scaling a Cluster
  • Amazon ECS Cluster with Multiple Services and ALB
  • Scale Amazon ECS Service with Auto Scaling
  • Exam-Cram
  • Containers4 questions

Let’s take it now. The Video Course is given below. By going there. you will get the Video Course from Google Drive. After that, you have to read this post. Offline, you can learn this course sitting in your house and full information has been given.

YouTube Advanced Masterclass Free Course (Updated)

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