Affiliate Marketing & SEO Free Video Course Tutorial 2022 (Updated)

Affiliate Marketing & SEO Free Video Course Tutorial 2021

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in this post today, I am going to give you a course called Affiliate Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

This course on Affiliate Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is updated in October 2020. This course explains Amazon Affiliate Marketing WordPress Search Engine Optimization on-page SEO etc. with search engine optimization.

Now let’s talk about Affiliate Marketing Course Free Description

Whatever has been made public about affiliate marketing and search engine optimization so far, with nothing more advanced methods. you will get to learn in this course. Would go to the end of the post.

This course will be given information about keyword research affiliate marketing and website structure as well as search engine optimization.

Here you will be able to understand the course with the information of which platform we have to manage, what we need to find in it and what are the methods that will search engine optimization and website Develop with affiliate marketing.

Under Affiliate Marketing, we know how much effort we have to put in the point of view of all the products that are sold on Amazon and all the products that are sold on our website. which are supported by Google.

Now we will talk about partnership advertising & Affiliate Marketing SEO

Inside the partnership ad, you will select a partnership when in your traffic, when all the traffic on your website will come.

At that time, you will put marketing products on your website. if someone wants to buy or buy those products, then you will get a commission from them, which will be your profit. Amazon is one of the biggest platforms for marketing.

This proves for your website that when you go to its product page. the website then you will pay commission which is traffic to your website.

If not, then there is no use in putting these products on which side without traffic. if the position of the website you have created is coming in the right ranking in Google.

Here you will know how special Research

To do affiliate marketing. you will be told a special trick and how you can invest in improving affiliate marketing and what is the target of an individual. who can increase traffic in affiliate marketing as well as the performance of your site?

Here you will be told some extra orderly tricks which you can ignore by applying them. to Google search rankings and how to influence items in Amazon and how to sell them.

Build your website with WordPress

Website construction can be done in WordPress in this way. you can easily build your website without any hassle, to build a website, you have to think about it all that is given below.

  • What topic to choose for WordPress
  • Which subjects to put in
  • Which topic should be for children
  • WordPress search engine optimization settings
  • Knowledge of making a favicon
  • How to add a ring button from social media
  • Full Customize System
  • WordPress search engine optimization settings
  • Changing settings to bring WordPress to Google

After that, you will know what we have done in WordPress. Everything that is done by search engine optimization to WordPress after which Google will rank your website.

Once you know what you will read in this course

  • You will get complete knowledge about Amazon Affiliate Marketing here, information about creating an Amazon Affiliate website, and information about how you will get commission there.
  • Tutorials will be available in full detail about how you will select the Amazon Affiliate website on how to do search engine optimization.
  • Here you will be told how to research the words. what are the words of competition and what are the top 10 external bank genders to rank in Google?
  • Complete information on how to design a website and how to develop it.
  • How to make a website. this way for marketing, the website should be like this.
  • 101 basic tips of search engine optimization to rank the website of important marketing of search engine optimization.
  • Advanced search engine optimization methods that take affiliate marketing websites to the first rank in Google.
  • Knowledge of how to optimize website speed.
  • How to generate links for your website, which ones should be taken to Google.
  • Complete information on how to do advanced keyword research.

What can be the requirement of affiliate marketing?

Anyone who speaks English and wants to pursue his work. with his, English has created this post for anyone who wants to work online.

What is this course for

  • This Course is for those who speak English and want to use their English through online

Affiliate Marketing Learn about course content

Introduction to affiliate marketing

Understand the keywords

  • How many keywords are searched
  • How to search for keywords
  • Information of keywords
  • Advanced Keyword Search
  • Purchase keyboard
  • Buying keywords
  • Long keywords
  • Mix Keywords
  • Topics related keywords
  • Keyword Finding Tool
  • The best keyboards for the Amazon Affiliate side

Keyword Intent and Adaptive Search Google result:

  • Keyword intent- Ex-1,2
  • Longtail vs head keywords Search
  • content Keyword
  • Content types

Keywords Search Difficulty:

  • What is keyword difficulty?
  • Domain and page-level metrics
  • A word about TF and CF
  • Factors that influence keyword difficulty
  • Measures of keyword difficulty
  • KD scores
  • The approach used in this section
  • Google’s PageRank algorithm
  • unoptimized URLs
  • Number of words in the keyword phrase
  • Check authority of external links
  • Links from pages with traffic

Keyword research:

  • Introduction
  • Analyze your competition’s most profitable content pieces
  • Niche research
  • Finding extremely easy to rank buyer keywords in any niche – in mere minutes
  • Finding tons of easy to rank informational keywords in any niche in minutes
  • Site explorer
  • Keywords explorer
  • List your main competitors
  • Check what keywords your main competitors rank for

Finding Low Competition Keywords:

  • social networking sites
  • Q&A websites
  • press release sites for easy keywords
  • article submission sites
  • niche forums
  • large eCommerce sites
  • Weak websites in your niche

Mattress Site Blueprint:

  • Finding buyer keywords for silo 1
  • Finding informational keywords for silo 1
  • Keyword research for silo 2,3
  • Preparing the siloed site blueprint

The Niche Site Model:

  • When to build niche sites
  • Generating topic ideas for niche websites
  • A few thumb rules for niche sites
  • Finding low competition sub-niches
  • Shortlisting niches to analyze
  • Comparing niche site ideas
  • Preparing the niche site blueprint

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