How Much AdSense Paying High CPC on Country & Keywords in 2021

How Much AdSense Paying High CPC on Country & Keywords in 2021

How Much AdSense Paying High CPC on Country & Keywords in 2021

Hello, friends welcome all of you. In today’s post, we will tell you. Which is the country with the highest CPC. I am going to give you complete information about it. So definitely read the post from beginning to end.

Which country has the highest CPC? With this, how much he pays us. And whenever we put Adsense ads on our website.

Then the country in which the post of our website appears. And people see there. So whenever people there click in the advertisement.

So what is the rate we are given? Everyone wants to know about him. So in this post today, I am going to try to answer them.

If we have created our website in WordPress. Or have created your own website in Blogger. First of all, we apply AdSense.

In which we also get approval. So we are very happy. So hope you guys should like this post. Now the question comes.

That is how much AdSense gives us a click on the cost according to the country. It is not fixed. Each country has different cost clicks.

It is decided according to his traffic and visitors. If your website is getting a lot of traffic. So your CPC will be higher.

It Will is not less. If your website is opening in big countries of the world. And the people there are liking your website. So understand that your CPC will be very high.

Take the United States and the United Kingdom for an exam. If your website is seen the most in both these countries. So your CPC will also be very high.

So let’s know. Answer some questions, with the help of which you can get a little information about it in a good way.

Some FAQ Question & Answer

1.What is a click on cost?

CPC stands for Whenever we put advertisement of any third party in our blog site. So whenever a visitor comes to our website. And clicks in those advertisements.

Or looks at them. So in the base of opening the advertisement, we get a fixed amount. To whom the click rate on the cost is spoken.

2.How to get good CPC rate?

Nobody will tell you about this. But if there should be some such posts.

Like, can take for the high-quality exam. The post concerned with insurance, good CPC is available in related posts from the banking sector.

3.How to get high CPC rate?

If you want to get a good CTC on your website and block.

So for that, you have to target a foreign country. And to bring maximum traffic from there. Only then will you get a good CPC.

4.Is it good or wrong to have more CPC?

Actually, if we go into detail about it it is good for those people.

Whose website is getting the most traffic? And coming from a foreign country. If you take CPC incorrectly. So this can be proved very wrong.

5.How many advertisements should you put in your website post?

If you are using Adsense. So you should keep a maximum of two or three advertisements in every single post on your website. Because AdSense allows us to place only three ads.

6.How to understand PPC and CPC?

According to one post, you get one click on PPC. There you get different types of CPC in the country of the country. Which is more in foreign country and it is slightly less in different countries.

You can see Some of the AdSense Paying high CPC

United States0.75%0.61
United Kingdom1.06%0.48
New Zealand1.21%0.33
South Africa1.13%0.26
Unknown Region0.63%0.25
Puerto Rico1.40%0.16
United Arab Emirates1.37%0.15
U.S. Virgin Islands3.85%0.14
Hong Kong0.94%0.13
Côte d’Ivoire0.69%0.13
Costa Rica0.45%0.12

AdSense Paying high CPC Keywords in the World

  • Insurance- $17.55
  • Online education– $12.08
  • Marketing – $6.45
  • Legal– $6.11
  • Internet-$4.96
  • Gas/Electricity $54
  • Mortgage $47
  • Attorney $47
  • Loans $44
  • Software $35
  • Online Classes $35
  • Cryptocurrency $34
  • Trading $33
  • Rehab $33
  • Hosting $31
  • Telecom $29
  • Travel $27
  • Real State $25
  • Home Decor $17.8
  • Leisure $12.3
  • Lawyer $42
  • Donate $42
  • Conference Call $42
  • Degree $40
  • Credit $38
  • Gas/Electricity: $41
  • Mortgage: $38
  • Attorney: $37
  • Credit: $37
  • Lawyer: $31
  • Donate: $28
  • Conference Call: $23
  • Degree: $18
  • Education: $15
  • Digital Marketing: $12
  • Telecom: $11
  • Web Hosting: $7
  • Healthcare: $37
  • Health $37
  • Beauty and Skin Care $9.3
  • Fashion $9
  • Resorts $6.4
  • Pet Foods $5
  • Retail $4.8
  • Fitness $3.8
  • Jewelry $3.6
  • Golfing  $2.3

Friends, if you liked AdSense Paying high CPC. Do share this with your friends and create your AdSense account so that you can get maximum CPC and put some high-quality keywords posts in your website that your website gets a good CPC. Visit Also: FreeCourseWeb.Net

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