Accounting Journal Entries for beginners guide in 2022

Accounting Journal Entries for beginners: One-stop depository of introductory journal entries for all Finance professionals, Account scholars, and Business needs

Accounting Journal Entries for beginners guide

A simple course comprising of Accounting Journal entries for newcomers.

This course will make account journal entries intriguing for all those who have been avoiding this subject.

It’ll be a one-stop depository of all introductory journal entries for the utmost of the sub-processes.

It covers first position counting Journal entries

  • Basics of Journal entries and types of Journal entries · Journal entry format and Journal entry impact on accounts
  • 3 Golden rules of account – Real account, particular account, Nominal account · Two script- grounded exemplifications, with a step-by-step approach to identify the correct account journal entries. With this step-by-step approach, you’ll be suitable to arrive at the correct journal entries for any given script.
  • Order to Cash process- profit, Accounts Receivables, Allowance for Bad debts, Bad Debts, Factoring · land to Pay process-Outstanding, Payroll charges, Accruals
  • Prepaid, Fixed means, Inventory, Abnormal loss, Repaid charges, Petty cash, Banking · Special motifs like Intercompany, Lease, Impairment, Goodwill, Amortization expenditure
  • levies – Goods and Service Tax, Income duty and Prolonged duty Asset and Prolonged duty Liability · Partake capital, tip
  • Investments, Investment in Associates, and Investment by the proprietor in Equity

This course is applicable for all Business needs, Finance professionals, and account scholars.

What you’ll learn

Learn the 3 golden rules of counting

Learn the sense of the operation of these rules( A step-by-step approach) to identify the correct account journal entry for any script

  • Learn the introductory account journal entries across different sub-processes
  • Will be confident in answering utmost of counting entry affiliated questions
  • Are there any course conditions or prerequisites?
  • introductory understanding of Accounts
  • Interest in learning the basics of counting journal entries
  • Who this course is for

This course is for all Finance professionals, Accounting applicants, and account scholars who would want to learn the basics of counting journal entries.

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