10+ Best Social Bookmarking Sites List 2022 (Boost your Blog in 2022 )

10+ Best Social Bookmarking Sites List 2021 (Boost your Blog in 2021 )

Hello, friends all of you are welcome. In which post today, I am going to tell you. Some bookmarking sites with the help of which you can take help in search engine optimization and backlink of your website.

There are as many bookmarking websites as in 2021. I will try to tell you about them. Which bookmarking website is this? And what is a social bookmarking site?

With the help of which you can create a do-follow backlink. You can create backlinks with the help of tools in all ways. But if you make the menu a well-packed pack.

So search engine optimization of your website will also be good. And your website and post rank will also be quick. That is why we have to create backlinks in the right way.

With the help of this, you can teach Alexa the ranking of your website slowly.

So, first of all, we are going to read the topic. Some questions about him will try to understand with an answer.

What are backlinks?

If we are making a way to reach our website. So we call it back ling. With its help, all the visitors are there. They can access our website. Which increases the traffic of our website.

What is a social book marking website?

This is one such website. With whose help we create our account and make a link to access our website. With the help of which it sends traffic to our website.

If we write a post in our blog. So we put a link to our post on the social bookmarking website. Whenever someone visits those websites.

And they like the links and topics of our website. So come to our website. And read the post. Which brings traffic to our website.

What can we benefit from a social bookmarking website?

  • Through this, we create a backlink to our website.
  • We can bring more traffic to our website.
  • If we have a new website, we can get it ranked in Google.
  • Whenever we write a new post inside Google, it becomes easy to index it.
  • Google quickly understands the post we have updated.
  • The bookmarking website used to support us because it was difficult to rank the posts of the new website.

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Top 10+ Social Bookmarking Website


This is one of the best bookmarking websites. The source for creating the best backlinks to bring traffic to blogging and blocks.

You will be very happy to hear this. If you make good followers inside it. So you can create a du follow back gender through it. And a lot of traffic will start coming to your website.


If you want to bring only the traffic related to your blog. So you can use it. This is the best website. Here whenever you enter the URL of your website.

So you have to make an article with some important words with him as well. So that all the people come to your website. Only come for that.

Who needs them. Neither has worked without it. With this, the authority of your website will also be read.


It is also a great social bookmarking website. Where you can directly update your post. From here, as much traffic will come to your website.

According to that traffic, the authority of your website will start increasing. And your website ranking will also improve.


You can also get a lot of traffic from the website. Because from here, direct work can be done. And its du follow ranking is also good.

You can bookmark this. And whenever you write a post. So we can update here.

5.My space

This is also a good social bookmarking website. Here also you can update the post article of your website.

6.List ly

If you want to bring more traffic. So you can share your article here too. Its search ranking is also very good. And here too are all the readers.

He studies well. Which has the potential to increase traffic to your website more.

7.Scoop. it

It is also a content creation website. Where you can take traffic so well. This is a very high authority website. Here if you use it for free.

So you only have up to 50 in it. You can submit the article. But if you subscribe here. So you are allowed to update more articles than this. But for that, you have to pay.


It is also the best website for social bookmarking. Here you can easily submit your article. But you do not have to put a direct link here.

You have to write a post. In the end, you have to keep the link updated in it. If you will share the direct link. Then your account will be rejected.


This is the best platform on YouTube and for bloggers because here you can update both videos and articles. Traffic will be good for both of you from here.

10.We Heart IT

Through this platform, you can also share photo videos. Most visitors come here. From 40 to 50 million, whenever you share articles here. So you can keep both the image and the video.

FAQs Frequency Ask Question

1.What is a social bookmarking website?

If you want to bring a lot of traffic to your website. So you can create your account by visiting some such websites. Through which you can create a backlink. The same is called a social bookmarking website.

2.Does the bookmarking website provide us with good bank links?

If you go to the best bookmarking website and share your post by creating your account. So you get a good backlink.

3.Bookmarking is good for a new blogger?

If anyone is creating a new blog. And it is perfect for him to share his website and blog post on the bookmarking website to bring more traffic to it and to publicize his website.

Friends, if you like this post, then you must share it with your friends. People who are starting a new blog. This post can also prove to be very useful for them. So you must share this post with them too.

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